Thursday, December 27, 2007

Found on eBay!

Time for a quick installment...


Here's the Dingaling Skyway Highway... hey, wait a minute! That "Dingaling" robot looks a bit like a Zeroid knockoff, doesn't it? Well, okay, not really... and it is pretty cool looking, eh?


Duck Soup is one of my favorite Marx Brothers movies... although I understand that when it was originally released, it didn't do quite as well as they'd hoped it would...


...but it's hiliarious, and a brilliant satire of war and the causes of war. Methinks that there's a number of people in Washington D.C. who really should be required to watch Duck Soup at least once a year, just to help them keep perspective!


Now, here's the real Zeroid knock-offs, courtesy of Durham Toys! I've got to figure that these were very cheap compared to Ideal's Zeroid line (heck, these don't even have the "capsule" thingies with the fold-down door/ramp), and frankly, I was amazed to come across the auction for this one with it still on the card!


Durham didn't just do knock-offs of Zeroids, either... it looks to me like this Wild Bill Hickock figure they produced was intended to fit in with Marx Toys' Best of the West line!


And here's an entirely different Durham robot toy... one that doesn't appear to be a knock-off of anything!


And here's another of those Movies That Jon Hasn't Seen Yet, But Wants To... Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers! I've seen clips of it, but never seen the movie itself...


You long-time readers may recall my talking about Filmation's Flash Gordon TV series, which I did some work for the DVD release? Here's the Mattel action figures that came out at the same time... Well, some of 'em, anyway!


This serial I'm pretty sure I've seen, but it's been a long, long time, and I could use a refresher viewing!

Next on "Found on eBay," I'll start with some Forbidden Planet!



  1. Jon,
    Re: "And here's another of those Movies That Jon Hasn't Seen Yet, But Wants To..."

    I hope you've achieved this goal. EvtFS is like the evil twin of The Day The Earth Stood Still (1951), sparked by our military firing on the saucer before they knew why the saucers were here. It's also been praised in comparison to War of the Worlds (1953).

    This is reported to be the least favorite of Ray Harryhausen of his films. I imagine that's due to there being no creatures for him to animate, but he did a terrific job with the saucers. To see basically the same film without Ray's efforts, see The Giant Claw (made the next year).

    1. Still have yet to see it, sadly...


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