Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Castle of Frankenstein #12, Pages 6-11!

Taking up where I left off in the page-by-page review of Castle of Frankenstein #12...


Page 6 begins two pages of "Frankenstein Mini-Reviews." After each title, I'll include a few words about what the reviewer thought! On the first page, there's reviews for Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin (corny but pleasant), Blow-Up (recommended), The Busy Body (dull), Casino Royale (unrealized potential), Castle of Evil (Monogram and PRC used to do these better), Deadlier Than the Male (Entertaining, but not too stylish), The Deadly Bees (several horrific scenes), Death Curse of Tartu (crashing bore), Deathwatch (special recommendation), The Devil's Own (surprisingly effective), Frankenstein Created Woman (better than Evil of Frankenstein), I Deal in Danger (mediocre spy thriler), In Like FLint (slow script), Island of Terror (special recommendation), Kiss the Girls and Make Them Die (sporadically amusing), The Mummy's Shroud (uncharacteristicaly banal), Oh Dad Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung You in the Closet and I'm Feeling so Sad (incredibly botched), Picture Mommy Dead (just another Gordon fizzle), Prehistoric Woman (special recomendation), The Projected Man (fair British sf with routine plot)...

I'm not sure what movies the photos on the page are from.


Page 7 continues the mini-reviews... funny how Frankenstein Created Woman ends up being the dominant image on the two pages, although it wasn't that well reviewed!

The movies reviewed on this page are: Psycho-Circus (circus mystery butchered), Rasputin, the Mad Monk (recommended), Shadow of Evil (fair despite obvious shortening for US), She Freak (Egregious lurid mishmash), Sting of Death (unspeakable grade-D scifi), Thoroughly Modern Millie (special recommendation), Ulysses (overrated attempt), A Violent Journey (special recommendation) and Way, Way Out (fair SF comedy).

An interesting mix of movies, including ones I wouldn't have expected to see here!


Pages 8 and 9 start off an interview with Stan Lee, conducted by Ted White, which was recently reprinted in an expanded form in Alter Ego! On these pages, Stan talks about starting at Marvel in 1944 or so, and then the early days on Fantastic Four!


The interview with Stan continues on pages 10 and 11, and then is continued on page 60! The two photos are of historical renditions of Thor, accompanied by a Kirby Thor... while the other page has, as you probably guessed, the Spiderman animated series versions of Electro, Mysterio and the Scorpion!

Stan talks about the Sub-Mariner (erroneously listed without the hypen in his name), Sgt. Fury, talks with Sol Brodsky ab out a comics page, and how he concocts a story with the artist!

When I resume here, it's Planet of the Apes time!



  1. Jon,
    Re: "I'm not sure what movies the photos on the page are from."

    I'm sure the top right one is Martine Beswick in "Prehistoric Women". The one in the lower left might be from "Death Curse of Tartu"?
    Hope this helps!


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