Friday, January 11, 2008

Flashback: Ad from DC May, 1974 books!

Originally Posted on June 3, 2005

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I used to do a website called "Comic Book Covers and Ads of the 1970s," one version of which is still around in cyberspace somewhere... in which I celebrated the comics of my youth. I had big plans for the website, but kind of abandoned it after a while (I think my freelance transcribing for TwoMorrows ended up taking the time I needed for keeping that site up, as well as the auctions I was doing on Yahoo, and later, eBay).

But I still have a fondness for those funky ads you'd see in those books... so from time to time, I'll be posting some of them... like this house ad that appeared in DC Comics May 1974 cover-dated books! Enjoy -- I'll have some more of these during the weekend for ya!



This was the first-ever comics ad gallery post of this blog, obviously... at this time, I was still using the "Blog This" option on Flickr whenever I wanted to add a picture to a blog entry. Later, of course, I'd figure out to just copy and paste in the HTML so I could do multiple pictures and place them where I wish!



  1. Jon, still works, except for the link for the JLA (Geocities disappeared). Does your email address at still work? That might be all that needs updating there.
    Hope this helps!
    P. S. You know about right?

    1. I haven't used the excepc address for over 12 years! I'm surprised the other site is still partly there.


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