Thursday, January 17, 2008

Found on eBay: Major Matt Mason, Models and Monkees!

Here's some more Major Matt Mason classics from Mattel, as... Found on eBay!


This recon jet pack should look familiar... MMM was pictured using it on one of the products I featured last time around!


Doesn't this look like it inspired the exo-suit Sigourney Weaver used at the end of Aliens?


Off the various Major Matt Mason figures, I'd imagine that this one would have to be the "Holy Grail" (well, maybe Callisto would be it)... if you had the Talking Major Matt Mason and the Talking Command Center, you wouldn't have to say a word while playing with your figures!


Remember when Monogram's Snap-Tite models were all the rage? I think this Tyrannosaurus Rex model was actually a reissue of Aurora's Prehistoric Scenes T-Rex, but I could very well be wrong.


Here's another one of those very cool Transogram licensed games... now, as big a Monkees fan as I am, I would be torn if I happened upon a very affordable copy of this. Why? Because my brother Jeff's wife, Kristi, is also a huge Monkees fan, and I would have to seriously consider buying it for a birthday present for her (especially if my wife Jessi was with me when I bought it, because she and Kristi are so close, you'd think they were sisters!).


Not likely I'll ever come across one cheap enough for me to consider buying, however...


This Monkees item, however, I'd have no problem deciding to give away instead of keeping. It's nice, just not the kind of thing I'd collect for me!


I think this item, the Monkees Flipbook (collect all 16!), is something I'd absoultely keep... at least until I could scan the pictures into the computer and create an animated GIF or something out of them!


I still think that this four-headed talking Monkees handpuppet is THE most bizarre hand-puppet ever offered by Mattel or any other company. I just thought you needed to know that.

Did they not think they could sell four separate puppets, one for each Monkee?


The Monkees were musically compared to the Beatles (not really fairly, if you ask me... but so it goes)... but both foursomes were compared to the Marx Brothers, shown here in a lobby card for Monkey Business!

Next time around on Found on eBay, it's Marvel time!



  1. Dude,
    Do you actually buy all these things on Ebay? Or do you just post pics of them?
    Love the blog. Great stuff!

  2. I wish I could afford to buy all these things! Nope, Dash, I just collect the photos and share them here (for the most part, at least).

    The Give-A-Show stuff on Fridays? Those I bought on eBay.


  3. I too spend lots of time looking at photos of Major Matt Mason stuff in lieu of spending money on them.

  4. Well, it is a lot more economical to just look at the photos of this stuff than to purchase it...

    ...then again, even if I could afford to buy them, I'd need a huge house just to display a collection the size of the stuff I'm just collecting photos of!



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