Thursday, January 03, 2008

Found on eBay!


Head was the Monkees' foray into feature films. After a few seasons of their TV show, Peter, David, Mickey, and Michael were sick and tired of the grind, repetitive plots, and so on... they'd already rebelled against their music producer, Don Kirschner, getting him to leave so they could make their own music (Don went from there to produce the Archies' music for Filmation).

Head was written by Jack Nicholson, among other people, and featured a bunch of guest-stars, but there is no overall plot... in many ways, it's almost like a long-form Monty Python episode, as one bit leads into another one. If you haven't ever seen the movie, but you are a Monkees fan, I recommend it, but be aware it's not like the TV show!


I'm sure that the studio was hoping that the Monkees would come up with something much more like Help!, the Beatles' follow up movie to "A Hard Day's Night." I've written before about how the Beatles themselves didn't care for Help!, especially John, but I have to admit that I've always had a soft spot in my heart for this one, as I remember watching it with my family on NBC-TV when I was very young... and it must have been my entryway into Beatles fandom, I'm sure.


The movie's got some very funny bits in it, and of course, it's got some of the best of the Beatles' music, too!

The basic plot of the movie is this: An Indian cult needs to perform a ritual sacrifice, but the sacrifice has to be wearing this special ring... which has been sent to Ringo! So, as the Beatles travel around the world, the cultists are after Ringo and the ring. And eventually, the Beatles decide they've had enough, and go after the cultists themselves!


It's the kind of movie that I think only could've been made in the 60s... there is just so much stuff all over the place!


This sticker book has to have been produced concurrently with the Hulk TV series. I don't know who the artist of the cover was, but I wish I could ask him where the Hulk's right foot is supposed to be standing on!


Ideal's J.J. Armes was probably the ultimate of the "gimmick" action figures that the toy companies produced in the 1970s and early 80s, as they tried something to get the kids' allowances! J.J. was supposedly a real-life person who lost his arms, and used his custom-made "bionic" arms to be a private investigator, but I'm guessing it's nothing like the stuff this action figure came with!


I don't have any clever things to say or memories concerning this toy... I just think it looks neat!


Next time around... I'll start with King of the Rocketmen!



  1. JJ Armes is a real person who is still a private investigator and lives in Texas. If you Google his name you will see that not only is he a real person, he had a television show and there is a movie currently being made about his life.
    Jimmie Mesis

  2. Wow, thanks for the info, Jimmie... I didn't even know if JJ was still with us or not.

    I knew he was a real person, obviously, but I didn't know he was still in the business... more power to him!


  3. The two space items are knock-offs of the wonderful "Golden Astronauts" toy line. I had a bunch of these, both knock-offs and originals, as a kid.

    Several of the vehicles in the line were actually tiny, knock-off version s of vehicles in the Major Matt Mason line. It isn't easy to tell, but one of the vehicles pictured is actually based on the Major Matt Mason space sled.

    The Golden Astronauts line was great. The best toy in the line was a Moon-base/space station playset. It had four cylindrical modules with removable clear roof sections. The interiors had pegboard floors, and furnishings that plugged into the holes and could be rearranged at will.

  4. Wow, Steven, you're really working your way through the archives!

    Thanks for the info on the "Golden Astronauts" toy line. I'd never heard of those before!



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