Friday, January 25, 2008

Heroes World, Pages 6 & 7!

Before I get started on pages 6 and 7... since posting the last installment, I came across a Spider-Man Squirt Gun, as advertised in the previous pages:


This installment of the Heroes World Catalog #1 begins with page 9, Utility Belts and Stunt Cycles!


Some utility belts, as I've written before, are very appropriate... the Batman one, for example...


Ideal was the first to sell a Batman utility belt...


...all tied in, no doubt, to the TV show, even if the belt and its contents resembled little from the show!


Remco did two different Batman utility belts... the one above, and the one below (which is the one advertised in the catalog)... I'm not sure which of these came first!


Remco did the others advertised, too!


I don't know why they thought Spider-Man needed a utility belt... and apparently, there were two versions of this produced, too! The one in this photo has sunglasses, while the one in the catalog had a "web"... I guess nobody in Remco's design department were big comics fans, else the Spider-Man utility belt would've had a Spider-Beam flashlight, two web-shooters (one for each hand), and maybe extra "webbing" (assuming the web-shooters were designed so you'd snap in a cartridge loaded with a dart and string).


The Hulk Utility Belt is really baffling... especially since the closest old Greenskin had to a belt was a rope holding his purple britches up! The rectangular thing with the atomic symbol was called a "gamma radiation detector," but it looks to me like their Star Trek Communicator, molded in green and yellow, with a sticker on the flip-up antenna!

Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of the Wonder Woman utility belt (especially since that one looks like the pieces make sense)... but I do have pictures of Remco's Captain America utility belt...


...and the Superman one!


Close examination of all the photos will show you how often Remco re-used the same stuff... there's that Star Trek communicator again, for example!

Now, on to the gyro power stunt cycles... AHI (Azrak-Hamway International, apparently the parent company of Remco -- or so one site says, even though it'd make more sense the other way around) manufactured these, among lots of other great, cheap toys!


Here's the Batcycle...


And the Spider-Cycle (along with some paratroopers)...

...but I have yet to find a Hulk stunt cycle! I'll never know why they didn't do a Captain America stunt cycle, as that would've made a lot of sense...


Page 7 is a bunch of different things... cheesy pinball machines, yo-yos, a "Flying Web" toy, Spidey signal gun, Spidey Goggles, and a ping-pong ball gun! All really cheap back then, all expensive to buy these days (if you can even find them offered on eBay)...

Let's see what I have pix of, shall we?


Here's two of the three pinball games...


I don't have a pic of the Spider-Man signal gun, but here's a nearly-identical Batman one...

Nor do I have pictures of the "Flying Web" or goggles... or the Spidey or Hulk yo-yos... But I do have some Batman yo-yos to tide you over!




And finally... here's two versions of the pop gun, Spider-Man edition!



In the next installment... it's boats, straws, buggies, Batmobiles, Ghost Rider, vans, webbing, and more!



  1. The idea of Superman having a utility belt inspires visions of an imaginary Mort Weisinger cover scene: a criminal saying "Awp! Superman has captured me with those handcuffs from his UTILITY BELT!" while Superman thinks "I'll use these gadgets on my belt to capture criminals, just like my friend BATMAN does!" and the caption says "Reader -- can you guess the surprising secret of SUPERMAN'S UTILITY BELT?"

    I think I just made all that up, but on reflection I'm not so sure...

  2. Doesn't ring a bell to me... but then, I haven't read all the Silver Age Superman comics.

    But I would imagine, if such a thing were to occur, we'd also see Lois or Jimmy on the cover as well, thinking or saying something that would reiterate what we'd be seeing in the art...



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