Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Castle of Frankenstein #12: Pages 38-44

And we continue with my look at Castle of Frankenstein #12!


Page 38, as you can see, reviews the book "An Illustrated History of the Horror Film," which I'm not sure if I've ever read myself! Reviewer Dan Bates gives the tome a thumbs-up! Oh, that photo on the top half of the page? That's Karloff and Lugosi from "The Black Cat."

Page 39 begins a "Farewell to Basil Rathbone."


The Farewell continues on pages 40 and 41. At first, I was kind of surprised to see this kind of coverage for the then-recently deceased Rathbone, until I was reminded that he did play a Frankenstein in "Son of Frankenstein," and even leaving that aside, his long-running portrayal of Sherlock Holmes would've easily earned coverage of his passing a place in this magazine.

Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to read the article yet myself!


Page 42's advertisement for "An Illustrated History of the Horror Film" makes the review appear a bit self-serving, doesn't it? Castle of Frankenstein didn't seem to carry advertisements from anybody... it appears that all ads were for products available through them.

Page 43, aside from having half of it taken up with the "Monster from Green Hell" pressbook clipping, has latest film news... although most of it seems to be about London's Gothic Film Society, a group devoted to classic genre movies, and showing them locally.


The film news continues on page 44... films mentioned there are "The Torture Garden," "The Eliminator," "The House that Dripped Blood," and "The Sorcerers." Maybe it's just that I'm not up on the horror movies that were coming out in the late 60's, but "The House That Dripped Blood" is the only one of those I've neard of... and I haven't even seen that!

And we'll leave this installment of Castle of Frankenstein #12 here, and take up next week with page 45's "Future Fantasy Films" article!



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  2. Jon,
    Re: "Christopher Lee gave a glowing report on the third Fu Manchu film -- just completed on location in Hong Kong"

    This was "The Vengeance of Fu Manchu". It was also the first of Harry Alan Towers' Fu Manchu films not directed by Don Sharp. I haven't seen it.

    Re: "Torture Garden"

    IMDB lists the episodes "Enoch", Terror Over Hollywood", "Mr. Steinway", and "The man Who Collected Poe". Amicus specialized in these anthology films. I thought all of them were awful. The only reason I watched then was Peter Cushing.

    Re: "The Eliminator"

    Made as "Danger Route". I found no information of the story, by Andrew York, appearing as "People Who Make Noise Are Dangerous".

    Re: "The House That Dripped Blood"
    "The Cloak" to star Christopher Lee."

    This segment eventually starred Jon Pertwee. Lee appeared in another segment, "Sweets to the Sweet". See above for my opinion of Amicus films.

    Re: "The Sorcerers"
    Tony Tenser's new company was Tigon. "The Sorcerers" was brought to them by the producers, Patrick Curtis and Arnold Miller. (Patrick and his wife, Raquel Welch, had a partnership named Curtwel Productions.) Michael Reeves and Boris Karloff were part of their package. I haven't seen it either, but I hear of it quite often.
    Hope this helps!

    1. Wow, thanks for all that info!


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