Thursday, February 07, 2008

Found on eBay: DC Slurpee Cups!

One of the fondest-remembered comic book merchandise tie-ins of my youth (and, I'm sure, others in my age group) are the 7-Eleven Slurpee cups featuring DC and Marvel characters... these cups can fetch a pretty penny these days, depending on the condition!

These cups are found on eBay just about all the time... plus, you can find them at comic book shows and the like!

The first series, featuring DC characters, was released in the summer of 1973... these featured artwork of the character on one side, and a bit of text about them on the other!


This Captain Cold cup is a perfect example - fortunately, the seller provided photos of both sides! By the way, as with pretty much all the "Found on eBay" posts, chances are if you click on the photo, you'll be able to get a larger view.

The artwork on this cup looks to me like Infantino's work, and must've come from a 1960s Flash issue. The artwork on these came from all eras of DC's publishing history to date!


This Aquaman cup's image should look familiar... it's the same artwork that was featured on the upper left-hand corner of Aquaman's original series! I'm not 100% positive who did the artwork, but I'd guess it's Curt Swan (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong!).

This artwork was also used for one of the Stick-Ups sticker releases!


This Batman cup likewise features a fairly famous image, used in a lot of licensing! I'm 100% certain it's by Neal Adams, and was originally published in the very early 70s!


Gil Kane did the artwork for this one... and like the Aquaman cup, the image was used on the covers, as well as for those stickers! I'm not sure why his logo wasn't used, but instead his name was typeset in Cooper Black.


Yes, that's right, the Justice Society members were also featured! These Slurpee cups came out in the summertime (if I recall correctly), which was also when the annual JLA/JSA team-ups were published. The artwork is obviously from the Golden Age, and I won't even try to guess who did the artwork! The two guys with Rex Tyler were his "Minute-Men," and I think the guy on the left is named Thorndyke.


I'm guessing that this Kid Flash artwork is by Nick Cardy, possibly taken from an issue of Teen Titans in the late 60s!


Lightning Lad here is by Dave Cockrum... I'm pretty sure this was the first-ever merchandising of the Legion of Super-Heroes!


Yep, even DC's war characters made it on the cups! Well, at least Sgt. Rock, art by Joe Kubert!


I'm recognizing this Speedy artwork from the sidebar of Teen Titans (from the 25 cents "Bigger and Better" era, if I'm not mistaken), and would say this is another Cardy image!


No guess as to who did the Starman artwork... well, okay, I'm thinking Jack Burnley (I think that's how his name was spelled). This may have come from the splash for a Golden Age story that was reprinted in a 100-Page Super-Spectacular!

I'm not sure why they didn't choose art from one of the JLA issues for the JSA members!


Yep, the Shazam! cast was represented, too... this is probably a C.C. Beck Tawky Tawny, probably from one of the newer stories of the era.


I'm not sure who did the Vigilante artwork here... but I'm sure it's of contemporary vintage.

Next installment, I move to the following summer, and present some of the 1974 Marvel Slurpee cups! And I'll return to the 1973 DC Slurpee cups in the future!



  1. that is seriously the raddest thing i have ever seen if slurpee's still came in those i would have a permanent brainfreeze

  2. You and me both, Stephen! Too bad these days the Slurpee cups (even the "collectible" ones) aren't this cool!

    Then again, if they did DC or Marvel Slurpee cups today, they wouldn't be using any classic artwork, would they?

  3. Allen Bacon2:09 AM

    Stephen - Love your site! I was working on a nostalgic piece about Slurpees in the 70's for my blog and ran across yours. I still have some of these cups.
    Great job on the blog. I'll be back for more

    Allen Bacon

  4. Thanks for the compliments, Allen, but Stephen is one of my readers -- I, Jon, am the author of this blog, although I enjoy comments from anyone who reads it!



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