Saturday, February 09, 2008

Found on eBay: Marvel Comics Slurpee Cups!

Continuing this look at Marvel Comics Slurpee cups... found on eBay!


We're in the Summer, 1974 releases. As noted last time around, in 1973 the cups featured DC characters, with artwork from the Golden Age through to about '73. The Marvel cups, on the other hand, featured much more recent artwork overall!

This Black Panther illustration looks to me to be by Gil Kane, and probably came from an issue of Jungle Action (one of these days, I should see if there's a site that identifies where the artwork on the Slurpee cups came from!).


I'm guessing this is a Jim Starlin illustration of Mar-Vell, from the good Captain's own book!


This Clea illustration looks familiar, but I can't place it or the artist (the out-of-focus photo doesn't help much, does it?). Yes, Clea has a logo here! Unlike the DC cups from the previous year, if a character didn't have a logo, Marvel seemed to have created one just for the cups -- as opposed to all the typeset logos on some of the DC ones!

Edit: The Estoreal blog's author, RAB, has come up with some educated guesses as to where some of the pictures came from, so I'm sharing his thoughts here in case you don't read the comments. He figures Jim Starlin did this Clea pic, and looking at it again, I think he's hit it on the nose!


Again, a blurry photo doesn't help in identifying the artist... it could be Kirby, or it could be John Buscema who did the original art for this Crystal cup!

Edit:RAB theorizes this is two pieces of art pieced together, something I suspected, but forgot to mention in the entry. He figures Lockjaw was by Kirby, and Crys was by Buscema.


The Gil Kane artwork used for this Daredevil cup was used in other merchandising, too... I remember seeing it for the Marvel stickers, as well as on stationery!


I'll guess Buscema for this cup. Nice incorporation of the logo with the art, eh?


That must be "Gentleman" Gene Colan's art on this Dracula cup!


I believe that's John Romita's rendition of the Falcon (with Redwing) above!


Probably Buscema on this Hawkeye cup (man, I didn't realize how out of focus some of these pics were! I should start looking for replacement photos!).

Edit:RAB figures this was Dave Cockrum, and I think I'm with him on that, now that I look at it again!


Yes, Hercules had a cup! I think this picture (Romita or Buscema?) was used on the Hercules pajamas I featured in a comic ad gallery a while back, too!


Not sure who did the Ka-Zar art here, which must've come from his own title!

Edit:RAB figures this is Gil Kane and an unknown inker.


Killraven's pose looks like this was taken from the cover for an issue of Amazing Adventures, but I can't place the artist!

Edit:RAB says Craig Russell... if I could've remembered Russell did most of the Killraven artwork, I would've probably thought of that myself!


Maybe this Kull portrait was from Marie Severin? I know she did quite a few Kull stories.


And finally, here's Luke Cage, Power Man... art by either Romita or Buscema, I'd guess!

Of course, if any of you readers know where this art came from, and who did it, feel free to let me know in the comments section!



  1. Here are some semi-educated guesses:

    I'm pretty sure Clea is by Jim Starlin, probably from a cover.

    Crystal is hard to say. Lockjaw is almost certainly by Kirby, but Crys looks more like Buscema. I'm thinking they're from two different drawings pasted together.

    Hawkeye is by Dave Cockrum. That pic comes from an Avengers story.

    Ka-Zar looks like Gil Kane and an unknown inker.

    Killraven is by Craig Russell and is taken from a cover.

  2. Excellent eye there, RAB... I agree with you on those, and edited the entry to include your very educated guesses in there, for those readers who don't read comments!


  3. Thanks for the nod...but I actually goofed on one of these!

    Clea is by Frank Brunner and Dick Giordano. Totally by coincidence, last night I came across the panel from which that image was taken: Doctor Strange #5, the conclusion of the "Silver Dagger" story.

  4. Eh, nobody's perfect! Let's see how we both do with tonight's posting, shall we?



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