Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Found on eBay: Spider-Toys!

Continuing with the Spider-Man collectibles...


I don't know if I have a better picture of this thing in my files, or not... yeah, it's a pretty awful picture (almost looks like someone took a picture of the screen, doesn't it, with the battery indicator showing). I should really grab a new, better photo next time I come across a listing for this Spidey hang-glider!

There was also a Hulk hangglider, too...


This Spidey pogo stick is definitely one of the oddest items I've come across, at least so far as Spider-Man toys go!


OK, so this is a bit odd, too... just what is it that makes this bike siren a Spider-Man siren, aside from the sticker on it?


I think back when I was buying and selling toys at toy shows, I had a pair of these skates, which I'd probably found at a garage sale or thrift store! I bet my son, Tristan, would love a pair of them now!!


Marx Toys' Sky Heroes, like the Spidey one above, don't show up on eBay too often! I just grabbed a pic of the Captain America one this past week (which will be some time before I get to posting it here), but I have yet to see a Superman or Batman one!


These slide puzzles show up pretty often -- both Spidey and Hulk versions -- although most of the time, the photos aren't of them solved!


Ah, here's another Spidey item my son would really dig... these switchplate covers pop up about once every month or two!


There have been View-Master sets for most of the major Marvel characters, even Doctor Strange! For a while, I thought they had to have been based on the 1960s cartoons, but since there wasn't a Doc Strange 'toon, I can only assume they were created especially for View-Master!


Yes, in the late 1970s, they'd pretty much put a picture of Spidey or the Hulk on anything and sell it to the kiddies... how many kids really need a key holder, like the Hulk one in this photo?


Ah, here's one of the cooler toys... one of the variations of the Spider-Man web-shooters! As you can see, these use spring-loaded darts with string attached. I'm guessing the plastic red and black "web wing" was there to keep it going straight when launched.


This Spider-Man wrist radio is pretty nifty, too, isn't it? I believe it was an AM radio... don't recall if you could put an earphone in it, though. I'd have to imagine that the batteries couldn't have lasted all that long in it.

Next time around... we continue with toys and collectibles that start with "S"-- including a bunch of Star Trek stuff!



  1. Jon -- I have a SPIDER-MAN item up on Ebay right now. It's the 14" tall SPIDER-MAN action figure from Toy Biz (1991). Search under seller "powsley". Take a look. Thanks!

  2. It's nice, Patrick, but the coolest stuff you're offering on eBay is your original art, naturally!


  3. I have Many fond memories of my Spider-Man web-shooters, Thanks for posting!

  4. you're welcome, david!


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