Friday, February 22, 2008

Found on eBay: Spy Smasher, Star Trek!

Hey, it's a bonus "Found on eBay" post!


Spy Smasher, for the uninitiated, was a Fawcett Comics character of the 1940s who appeared with Captain Marvel in Whiz Comics, and as you can see above, there was a movie serial made based on the series! I only wish I'd had a chance to see it myself!

And now, some Star Trek stuff!


Hey, I remember seeing this in the stores when I was really into Star Trek, in the early to mid 1970s (not that I'm not into Trek these days... I was just much more into it back then). I wanted this book, which would let you make your own "action toys" punched out of the pages of the book...


This Star Trek belt buckle is pretty sweet... I think there's one available on eBay right now, too!


If you've been following the "Found on eBay" posts for a while, then yes, you're probably thinking, "Wow, just about everything popular in the 1970s had a breakfast set made with pictures of it, weren't there?"

And you'd be pretty much right!


To the left: A coloring and activity book. To the right: A Peter Pan book and record set, which may have originally been prepared for the Power Records imprint, but after "Star Trek: The Motion Picture," the photo got pasted over the original artwork, as seen above! I have no idea if the interior features movie Trek or classic Trek uniforms.


Colorforms were also very popular in the 1960s through the 1980s... but I think the height of its popularity was the 70s... and yes, if it was popular, there was a Colorforms set!


This would, of course, be the Dinky Toys Enterprise, which a lot of people falsely remember as being made by Corgi Toys! I tried to win an auction for one of these a month or two ago, but kept getting outbid... darn it!


And here's the Dinky Klingon Cruiser, in the package yet!


I think I used to have at least one of these Dr. Pepper Star Trek animated series glasses, because they look VERY familiar!

And finally... here's multiple views of the classic Star Trek lunchbox:


More Star Trek goodies next time!



  1. I had the Star Trek Colorforms along with Batman, Spiderman, G.I. Joe and Castle Dracula Fun House when I was a kid. I would always "beam" the crew from the Enterprise to the other sets.

  2. Awesome play concept, Jamdin!

    I haven't seen the Castle Dracula Colorforms set on eBay... I may need to add another search!


  3. Jon,
    Re: "I only wish I'd had a chance to see it myself!"

    IMDB lists there was a DVD from R&B Video in 2005. One of the commenters at Amazon notes:
    "By Lou Cole
    "The deal that was made was that Republic would get the rights to "Captain Marvel" if they also agreed to make another serial based on another one of Fawcett's comic book characters. "Spy Smasher" was selected."

    One of the commenters at IMDB notes:
    "by jamerson5 (Mon May 14 2012 13:15:14)
    "All twelve chapters of SPY SMASHER can be seen in one video at You Tube."

    I found it at

    Hope this helps!


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