Monday, February 25, 2008

Found on eBay: Star Trek Goodies!

Space: The Final Frontier... at least, it certainly seemed like the final frontier for manufacturers of toys and other memorabilia based on a show that had already been cancelled by the time most of this stuff was produced!

Pretty amazing, isn't it?


Take, for example, the various Mego Star Trek items, like the Phaser 2 Target Game above... this was produced well after the original series was off the air (although it was a huge success in syndication at this point)! Using an early version of Laser Tag technology, I thought this was very cool as a kid, and really wanted one, even though the Phasers in the set were almost Super-Deformed!


And here's another Mego item... the Tricorder! Well, it's really just a cassette tape recorder/player that's vaguely shaped like a Tricorder, even if the colors are completely off! The much later Playmates Tricorder was much, much more authentic-looking. But still, yes, back in the 1970s, I wanted one of these!


But even closed up, it only vaugely resembles a Phaser.


Oddly, I think Remco's phaser toy, seen above, came out around the same time as the Mego toys! This Phaser seems to pop upon eBay fairly often, too... but never cheap enough for my budget! Remco's Phaser was more proportionate than Mego's, too... but still off! Again, Playmates did an excellent job in the 1990s.


This Phaser was, I believe, an AHI item... it's the kind of toy where you'd put those propellors on it, and pull the trigger to launch it.


On the other hand, Remco's Star Trek items that were (from what I can tell) concurrent with the series original airings had nothing to do with Star Trek at all! See the Astro Train above? I'm convinced that it was something Remco already had developed, it was just marketed as a Star Trek item (and probably later produced with no Trek references at all). It's a cool toy, it's just not a proper Star Trek toy.


Same thing goes for the Remco Star Trek helmet... I'm pretty certain I've seen this same helmet produced as just a space helmet, with no Trek reference at all!


Here's three different Remco Phasers... I think the one on the left was a squirt gun, while the ones on the right were basically flashlights. I think!


AHI definitely produced this off-model blue Phaser squirt gun!


This Star Trek tracer gun may have been the first iteration of the tracer gun, and once the Trek license ended, it continued to be sold as a Tracer gun, with no Trek reference! There was also a Space: 1999 version of the tracer gun, but I don't know if that gun resembled the lasers there any more than this resembled a phaser!!


I really like this Star Trek puzzle... the characters are on-model, they look like the actors... none of that bizarre Gold Key Star Trek stuff going on here!

And that's it for the Star Trek stuff this time! Next on "Found on eBay," it's some Superhero items and more!



  1. I had a Star Trek tracer gun when I was a kid and it was a fun alternative to bb guns, which I was not allowed to have. I can't remember what happened to it.

  2. I'm sure most of us had toys like that when we were kids, that disappeared sometime... that's why they fetch such big bucks these days, I'd bet!


  3. I love the helmet with "SPOCK" across the front. The very notion of Nimoy wearing this think on camera, with the blinking light on top, it makes me laugh.

    I had one of the Star Trek tracer guns, and although they didn't resemble anything on the show, it was a great toy. You could use it indoors with little chance of damage or injury, and they were pretty accurate at 10 feet or so. Plus you could pop-off shots fast as you could pull the trigger.

    My mom hated them, of course, as the little disks got lost everywhere, and frequently jammed the vacuum cleaner. Fortunately, they sold refill packs to replace the ones that were lost.

    The molds must have gotten worn with time, as I got a later (post-Trek license) issue (and more recently, a knock off) and they were prone to jamming.


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