Monday, February 25, 2008

Heroes World #1, Pages 12-15!

OK, we're up to page 12 of the Heroes World Catalog #1...


As you can see, pages 12 and 13 cover Kenner's Star Wars action figure line... and since I'm pretty sure there's plenty of Star Wars collector sites out there (plus there's just too many figures in that line to save pix of), I'll just let you know you can click the images to see each page in more detail!


A bit larger image for page 14, which starts the Battlestar Galactica coverage... and here's some photos of the Mattel action figure line!


You'll note that the Viper and other vehicles are a completely different scale than the figures are... in fact, those came with their own mini-figures!


And there were larger figures, too! So, you had tiny figures (about two inches or so tall) that had vehicles, larger figures (about the size of the Star Wars line) with no figures at all, and then the two larger figures (that had nothing else to go with them).


While the line is highly collectible today, I can't help but think it would've been more popular originally if there were Vipers to scale with the figure line!



It would've helped, too, if the vehicles (other than the Viper and Cylon Raider) in this line were actually vehicles from the show, eh?



This was a better look at the Imperius Leader than I think we ever got on the show itself!



Just to break up the pictures, here's page 15, which has some of the worst art I've ever seen!





Oh, I didn't even realize I had the Galactica bubbles!


Oh, here's another Mattel Galactica item that's not to scale with the rest of the line!

I wouldn't be at all surprised if all the current Galactica items are more successful than the original line was... although there were a lot of licensees aside from Mattel!

Next time, the Heroes' World catalog starts out with... The Micronauts!



  1. Keen-eyed students of toy history will notice something oddly familiar about that large Cylon figure...

  2. Yeah, wasn't that body recycled from the Captain Laser figure from Major Matt Mason?

    Of course, Ideal had recycled Captain Action's body for the Knight of Darkness in their own Star Wars-inspired toy line...


  3. Both the Colonial Warrior and the Cylon used the Captain Laser Body, just recolored and with a different head and chest pieces. Mattel like to reuse existing molds whenever possible. (The Barbie and Big Jim lines used a lot of the same vehicle and playset molds, despite being in completely different scales!)

    This line was also the subject of one of the first widely publicized toy recalls. Kids were shooting the projectiles from the raider into their windpipes and choking. The toys were reissued with modified missiles that were locked in place. As far as I know, the "Land Vehicle" shown at the bottom of the page was never released.

    I don't know where the designs for the "Scarab" and "Stellar Probe" came from. These look like they have the same modular nose as the Viper, but strangely, they're completely different molds. The whole vehicle line was modular, with interchangeable parts.

    I've got a couple of loose vehicles (some with firing rockets) and figures in my collection here.


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