Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Panels of Golden Age Comic Weirdness!

Here's some panels from Golden Age comics I just had to share, because they're so completely weird! All these came from books that are available to download for free from Wowio.

From "Adventures Into the Unknown #3"...


One of the wonderfully wacky and weird things about ACG's Adventures Into the Unknown is how they just make up completely random stuff in the stories! Take the above panel, for instance... mirrors can trap ghosts, and then all you need to do is paint over them? I can only imagine that the writer needed some way for the good guys to win, and that's what they came up with.

Which would be all well and good, if there was some kind of consistency in the stories appearing in Adventures Into the Unknown. If mirrors are what is needed to deal with ghosts, great!

Except for this from "Adventures Into the Unknown #2"...


...in which FIRE is the nemesis of the ghostly world!

It's true... fire is also the nemesis of black magic, too!


And that's even in the same issue! So at least that issue's stories were consistent with each other.

But I still find myself wondering... where did these people find the information they're utilizing? What publication has these facts in them?


Oh, of course... the Daily Bugle, your source for all the news and knowledge of the spirit world! (that panel from Adventures Into the Unknown #1, by the way).



  1. That thing from the first panel, about trapping an evil spirit inside a mirror was actually used in the movie "Constantine".

  2. Really? That's hilarious... maybe there was some basis for that after all!



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