Thursday, March 27, 2008

By The 10's: Adventure Comics 310-400!

OK, the auctions have closed, winning bidders have been invoiced (and I hope if any of them are you guys, you include a note to that effect in your PayPal payment), so let's wrap up the evening with another installment of By The 10's!


Adventure 310 features probably the most bizarre Superboy & Krypto cover ever! I'm guessing Red Kryptonite was involved here.


The Legion has the cover spot here in Adventure 320... was the "Knave from Krypton" Dev-Em? I could look it up, but it's late...


I've posted Adventure Comics 330's cover before, as part of the "Ch-ch-ch-changes" theme... but it's always worth looking at again, right?


Death strikes the Legion in Adventure Comics 340, as Triplicate Girl loses one of her selves, and renames herself Duo Damsel... a story that was worked into the current (but ending all-too-soon) Legion cartoon series!


If I was more familiar with Legion lore, or at least remembered more of the earlier Legion stories I probably read when I was much younger, I would probably know why this stuff was happening on the cover of Adventure Comics 350... but I'm guessing it's some kind of hoax perpetuated by the LSH to protect the Kryptonian cousins.


Here's Adventure 360... I can't help but think that the cover's not to be taken entirely literally, but that it's more symbolic, as the trio of Legionaires pictured are probably undercover in the story itself... but I could be wrong!


Hey, it's Lana Lang as Insect Queen on the cover of Adventure Comics 370! I think I may have had this book at some time.


Now, Adventure 380 I know I used to have... but for the life of me, I can't recall a single detail about the story! Nice cover, though!


While the 80-Page Giant format itself may have been done by this point, DC was still producing Giants, as evidenced by issue 390 above, reprinting a bunch of Supergirl tales! I believe this may have been the issue marking Supergirl taking over the title, graduating from her back-up position in Action Comics...


And I leave you with Adventure 400, when Mike Sekowsky had taken over the book. While Sekowsky was a great comics artist (especially on Justice League), although unappreciated by many kids who learned better as adults... I tell ya, he had no business writing Supergirl! All the established lore was pretty much disregarded willy-nilly, as Supergirl was exposed to Gold Kryptonite, but it didn't permanently remove her powers, just made them go on-and-off at the worst of times... the Phantom Zone was presented as a place she could go fly to... Well, that wasn't all in this issue, of course!

Supergirl would hold onto Adventure Comics for a while longer, and then got her own self-titled series, as Adventure Comics seemed to change formats at least once a year, but we'll get into that in the final installment of Adventure Comics: By the 10's, as we look at Adventure 410 through 500!


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