Friday, March 21, 2008

Found on eBay: Aurora Models!

I'm going to start trying something different with the "Found on eBay" posts... basically there'll end up being more of them, but I'll categorize them better, so that each post will have related cool stuff!

This should also make it easier on you readers who have your own blogs who want to link to some of these posts, but don't want to link to a post that includes non-Batman stuff but happens to include... well... the Aurora Models Batmobile, for example!


This was a very well-done job by whoever built this model, wasn't it?


The box art is pretty cool, too, isn't it? If I were to ever bid on one of these Aurora Batmobiles, I think I'd bid on one like this, where someone's done the work for me! That pretty much goes for any model kit, actually, such as these cool 1970s "Aurora Comics Scenes" kits, most of which (if not all) were reissues of the 1960s kits!




That 8-Page Comic Book they're plugging on the cover? Well, while the models were reissues, the box art was brand-new, based on the original models, and the same artist drew an 8-page comic story that had one full-page splash without the main character at a climactic point in the tale... the idea being you'd use that as a backdrop for the model, which would complete the scene when it was placed in front of that panel! The "comic book" also included the assembly instructions, but I don't recall if those were included in the eight page count.


Here's Aurora's UFO from "The Invaders" kit... and I believe it was one of those kits that was reissued without reference to the TV show. Since I barely recall ever seeing "The Invaders," I have no way of telling if the UFO even remotely resembles anything on the show!

Next up, some more Aurora 70s kits... it's the Planet of the Apes models, which I could've sworn were done by a different company, but with the same artwork...




There was also a Dr. Zaius kit, if I recall correctly. These tend to show up pretty often on eBay -- more often than the above kits, I think!

Next up, some Aurora Prehistoric Scenes!



I actually had this Sabretooth Tiger kit when I was a kid... as well as either a pterodactyl or pteranodon and a neanderthal man (or was it Cro-Magon man? Whichever one had the boulder).


I'm guessing the Giant Bird was the poorest-selling one of the kits...


The entire line was very cool, especially for a kid like I was when these came out, who was into dinosaurs bigtime! By comparison, the only Comic Scenes kit I ever got was the Hulk one, and the only monster kit I had as a kid was the Rodan one.


I guess it was the pteranodon that I had, and this would be the reissue of the kit, probably from the early 1980s! Of course, the kit I (and all my friends) wanted was the HUMONGOUS Tyrannosaurus Rex kit, which was to scale with the other Prehistoric Scenes!

Only three more Aurora kits in this volume of "Found on eBay," so let's throw 'em all out, shall we?


I always thought this was really kind of a lame kit for Robin... I mean, he's just throwing a switch!


Naturally, the Superboy kit (or the Comic Scenes reissue of same) is the Aurora kit I would like to get most of all... just because Krypto's there!


This would, of course, be the original release of Tonto...


And here's Zorro, a kit that was never reissued so far as I can tell... I'm guessing the license was obtained from Disney, since it says "Walt Disney's Zorro," which kind of grates at my nerves, since nobody at Disney created Zorro, you know... yes, they adapted him for television, but that's not enough to warrant ownership, IMHO!

Hey, next time around on "Found on eBay," we'll start another round of all-Batman merchandise posts!



  1. I wish I still had my models of Tarzan, Superboy and Superman.

  2. I know what you mean... heck, I wish I had all toys and collectibles I had in the 1970s -- but then, I don't know where I'd put 'em all now!


  3. The Invaders UFO is indeed pretty accurate to the one appearing in the TV series.

    I drooled over all the Aurora super-hero kits as a kid, but somehow, I don't think I ever had any of them, and I built quite a few models. Cars, airplanes and tanks were more attractive I guess.

    My younger brother and I did have a bunch of the Prehistoric Scene kits, including the cave diorama (the most collectible of the bunch now). I didn't have the T-Rex, but it's smaller cousin, the allosaurus.

    The thing I loved about these kits is that they did have some limited articulation, and were pretty sturdy, so they were effectively build-your-own action-figures.

  4. Anonymous9:29 PM

    The Planet of the Apes models were originally produced in the 1970s by a company called Addar. The ones with the Aurora name are reissues from the 90s.

  5. Are you sure, Anonymous? I don't recall that Aurora was still around in the 1990s... my understanding was that Addar first produced them, and then Aurora got the rights during the 1970s... but I'm willing to admit I could be wrong!

  6. Im sure. Aurora went out of business in 1977. Another company got the rights to use the logo and the Aurora name in the mid 90s. Addar produced the Apes models from 1973 to 1975. The ones found on Ebay are the reissues. Polar Lights also reissued a number of vintage Aurora models at the same time.

  7. OK, learn something new every day! I thought a different company entirely had reissued them in the 90s!

  8. Jon,
    Re: "... I mean, he's just throwing a switch!"

    Surely you recall: "Get away from that lever. You'll blow us all to atoms!"


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