Sunday, March 23, 2008

Found on eBay: Batman Goodies!

Time for an all-Batman edition of "Found on eBay!" There'll be more next time, too, I'm sure!


First up is this set of 8mm chapters of what I believe is the first "Batman" movie serial, which I used to have on VHS (actually, I used to have both of them), but sold a while back and need to find on DVD one of these days. Decent box art on it, don't you think?


Next we have this super-cool 1966 Batman trashcan, obviously influenced by the opening credits of the tv series (especially obvious with the logo side). I'd love to have this item in my collection, but I'm sure it went for big bucks!


Next up is this Batman backpack, which is a bit more modern than I usally collect photos of (note Robin's costume, indicating it's the Tim Drake Robin), but how often do you see the Barbara Gordon Batgirl on merchandise?


Our old friends Azrak-Hamway International (aka AHI) manufactured this Batboat, again influenced by the 1966 series. I believe it was originally sold with a Batmobile that had a trailer hitch on it!


This Batboat, manufactured by Gulliver (a South American manufacturer, I believe) doesn't seem to be based on any particular Batboat... I'm guessing they already had a boat toy in production, and just added figures of Batman and Robin and modified the stickers to make it a Batman toy!


I'm not sure what I think about this Batcave lamp... it was obviously produced in the early 1970s or so, but isn't it silly to have that mini-cave entrance there with the label over the top saying, "Bat-Cave"? I'm not sure how I would've taken on the assignment of designing a Batcave desk lamp, on the other hand.


AHI made this rather goofy-looking Batcopter! I'm guessing it's pretty tiny, relatively seeking.


Check this out... Bat-Goggles!

Of course, once you take them out of the package, there's nothing that really makes them Bat-Goggles. They'd just be regular swim goggles then.


Very cool box art here for Marx Toys' Batmobile... I only wish I had a photo of the Batmobile that originally came inside that box!


No matter how super-deformed, any Batmobile toy based on the 1966 Batmobile is automatically cool, right? I mean, that's a rule. Anyway, this is another AHI item, and this is a radio-controlled Batmobile... which I may have posted before as part of the Heroes World catalog posts!

Given the single button on the remote, I'd guess that you press the button and the car would reverse and turn to the left, and when you release the button, it would go straight again.


Here's one of several Batphone toys I've seen and collected photos of... given the wiring, this may have been part of an intercom set -- I don't think they were selling real telephones by this time!


It's deformed, it's a Batplane... it's by AHI! And it's friction-powered, too!


Just how many of these bibs were bought and used for children who had no clue who Batman was, I wonder? They're cool from a collector viewpoint, though.


There's been a few different Batman license plates, probably intended for bicycles, produced... I believe Marx Toys manufactured most, if not all of them.


Whenever I see a photo of a knock-off toy, if it looks especially goofy, I have to save the photo of it! As you can see, not only was this an unauthorized, cheaply produced Robin knock-off, it also used the Super Powers logo on the tag!

And we'll close off this installment of "Found on eBay" with this:


Yes, they did manufacture Batman bread back in the swing of the 1966 Batman series. And someone kept a perfectly-preserved wrapper for it!



  1. I believe I had a different version of the same telephone as a kid, and yes, it was an intercom-type-thing, two working phones connected by a long wire. It was a real phone in the sense that there was no "push to talk" like a typical intercom. You could talk and hear at the same time. The one I had was a generic version, but I think they also did a couple different versions with licensed characters, including the Batman one.

  2. Anonymous2:51 PM

    Dear friend,
    About the "Batboat" from South America, Gulliver is a Brazillian manufacturer, from Sao Paulo. This manufacturer produced incredible super hero toys betwen 1973 - 1986 (DC, Marvel, Tarzan, The Phantom, etc) and Farwest (Fort Apache, Bonanza, The High Chaparral, etc). Link:

  3. Anonymous3:00 PM

    You'll find some great images by "Gulliver" in this site:

  4. Thanks for all the info, Jean!

  5. Oh, and thank you, too, J. Steven!

  6. Jon,
    Re: "Decent box art on it, don't you think?"

    It looks like it inspired Angus Strathie, the costume designer for Halle Barry, at least!

  7. i have the batmovile 1977 azrak hamway impecable conditions with the remote control all functional im selling it


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