Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Found on eBay: Original Comic Art!

Figured I'd throw in a bonus post for you guys tonight... here's some more original Comic Book Art... Found on eBay! Many of these may currently be offered on eBay! Most of these, if you click on them, will let you see them at a larger size.


From Avengers 81, here's page 5, art by John Buscema. I believe this is the tale that introduced the modern-day Red Wolf. Notice that Clint Barton's using the Goliath identity here!


Next up is this nice Bob Brown page from Batman #248. This would be page 12 of the story, which I have to confess I don't recognize.


This Irv Novick splash page from Batman 317 is another story I don't recall... and you'd think with a Riddler appearance, if I'd ever read it, I'd remember it! Novick's long been one of my favorite 1970s Batman artists, although I didn't really think his style was so appropriate on The Flash.


Next up is the artwork for the Batman daily comic strip! This one was published on 7/7/1945, and is credited to Bob Kane. Who knows if he really did the work or not?


I'm guessing this Dick Sprang Batman sketch is of fairly recent vintage.


Next is Nick Cardy's awesome cover for The Brave and the Bold 98, featuring Batman and Wildcat!


Here's a rare Charlton cover offered on eBay... it's by Jose Delbo, and is the cover for Billy The Kid #106, an issue I used to have! As you can see, the logo and other pasted-on items are long gone. When I've come across artwork like this, I'm always tempted to "restore" the artwork by copying and pasting the missing logos and so forth!

It's a really nice cover... in many ways, it's better than some of the stuff Delbo would later do for DC Comics!


Next is the cover for Harvey's Black Cat Western #16, art by Lee Elias. Well, I think his first name was Lee... I could be misremembering! But a quick check at the Grand Comics Database shows I'm right! This is another piece of artwork where the pasted-on items are long-gone... and it's a very nice piece of work! Elias deserves a lot more recognition than he's received.


This cover is Elias' work for Black Cat #23, and it's also a very nice piece of work that still has one line of text still there!

I'm pretty sure that if I could ever afford to buy any of this artwork, I'd prepare some kind of overlay with the missing items re-created for displaying.


From the same series, but retitled "Black Cat Mystery" and no longer featuring Linda Turner's alter-ego, here's Warren Kremler's cover for #37! Kremler's another underrated comics talent, if you ask me.


This rather grotesque cover for Black Cat Mystery #40 is by Joe Simon! By the way, both the Black Cat Mystery covers can be viewed at a HUGE size by clicking on them!


Black Cat Mystic isn't a later iteration of Black Cat Mystery. This is issue 60's cover, which the seller says is by Jack Kirby. I can't find any listing for this book in the Grand Comics Database, so it may have been prepared for something that wasn't published. It's not even listed in Overstreet!


On the other hand, this cover for The Black Panther #12 is absolutely, positively Kirby all the way!


And we wrap up this installment with page 15 of The Brave and the Bold #116 (I think... my file name says #16, but I know that's not right, so I either left a digit out or something else is wrong!) by Jim Aparo, featuring the Spectre! The GCD says B&B 116 featured a Batman-Spectre team-up, so I'd say that's where this is from!

Next time, we start off with a Neal Adams B&B cover, and go on from there!



  1. Jon, lists:
    NEWPAPER STRIP (DAILY) 8, April 30 – July 7, 1945
    "The Karen Drew Mystery"
    Jack Schiff/Jack Burnley/Charles Paris

    So that's who was ghosting for Bob Kane in that strip.
    Hope this helps!


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