Saturday, March 15, 2008

Found on eBay: The Time Machine, TV Toys and More!

Let's see if I can squeeze in a quick "Found on eBay" post before wife Jessi, son Tristan and I run out to do even more errands for getting our house more like a home...


Comansi made this bagged Thunderbirds spacecraft toy, which doesn't bear any resemblance to any Thunderbirds craft I remember -- but it's been a long time since I've seen any Thunderbirds eps at all! Comansi did a lot of toys based on British SF shows, and is probably a UK company.

Next up, a mini-gallery of lobby cards and the like for "The Time Machine," which was one of the first movies I bought on DVD, and sadly, sold off when I was out of work for a time and haven't replaced yet!




Told you it was a mini-gallery! Now, for some TV Toys:


Here's Ideal's Addams Family board game... nice artwork on the box, isn't it? As with pretty much all the board games I've featured in "Found on eBay," I have no idea how well they play... and unfortunately, the seller of this copy didn't include a photo of the board itself (which usually gives us a clue as to how the game is played)!


I'm guessing this Maxwell Smart figure from "Get Smart" was released sometime in the last five or ten years, but I don't recall ever seeing it on the shelves! There was probably a 99 doll, too, but I don't know if they did any figures aside from the pair (kind of surprised they didn't just do a two-pack, too).


As with Remco's 1960s Star Trek toys, this "Land of the Giants" space sled has nothing to do with the show whatsoever, and I'd guess it was something they'd already developed that they just slapped a "Land of the Giants" logo on the pack to give it some more commercial interest!

Kind of a cool-looking toy, though, isn't it?


If I didn't tell you this was a talking Mr. Ed hand-puppet, you would probably be wondering just who the heck it was supposed to be, wouldn't you? It doesn't particularly look like Mr. Ed, does it?


This batch of Pufnstuf rings is probably going to be one of the last photos I post that desperately needs to be cropped... the next volume of "Found on eBay" photos is all cropped much better!

OK, time to do home stuff... I'll be back with more later!



  1. That first picture would be Thunderbird 5. Also, I think Comansi was a Spanish toy company.

  2. Thanks for the clarification, RAB!



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