Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Friendly Reminder...

...I have (as of this writing) a little over two days to go on my current eBay auctions, which you can check out at this link. The current crop is mostly Bronze Age Batman titles (Brave and the Bold and Detective), with two more modern smaller auctions (that won't be relisted if they don't sell, since there's not even anyone watching them). Most of the Batman lots have a single bid... a few have none... and there's a few being watched, so there's still a good chance of getting them cheap! All lots start off at a base price of $0.50 per comic, in groups (usually) of 8 books, with your choice of Priority Mail or Media Mail shipping, with Delivery Confirmation always included (my usual standard for tracking).

There should be more books going up on Thursday or Friday if none of these interest you, and as always, if you win an auction of mine and let me know you're a reader of the Random Acts of Geekery, I'll throw in something extra in appreciation!


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