Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Heroes World Catalog, Page 21

I think I'm running a bit behind on the usual post date for this... but then, I don't think I promised it on a specific day each week, did I?


We're up to page 21 of Heroes World Catalog #1, and it features all kinds of great Mego vehicles and playsets for the World's Greatest Superheroes line!


Hitting the items in order from top to bottom, first up is the Joker Van -- an interesting concept, a van for super-hero figures, eh? I'm not sure if any of the Mego vehicles were true to scale to the 8" figures, but the van at least looked closer to scale!


Of course, Batman had his own van, but it was called the Mobile Bat-Lab!

So far as I know, Mego didn't make vans for any other characters, although Empire Toys made a Spider-Man crime van that was to the same scale.


For some reason, I always thought the Supercase was more designed for records than Megos, especially since there was an official Mego carrying case -- although it may have been discontinued by this point.

I haven't got any photos of the Aquaman Vs. the Great White Shark, so we'll move on...


To the Captain Americar! Given that Captain America never used a car in his crimefighting, I kind of wondered why they didn't just do a Captain America motorcycle (I'd imagine it could've shared a lot of common parts with the Batcycle).


The Green Arrow Car was about as goofy as the Cap Car... perhaps even moreso, because there was an Arrowcar in the comics, which looked nothing like this!


Next up is the Spider-Car, not to be mistaken for the Spider-Mobile, which was a dune buggy! Mego seemed to put a lot more work into this than the Cap or Green Arrow cars, eh?


Next is the Mego Batmobile, which -- although it's only about 2/3rd scale to the 8" Megos -- still looks cooler than the goofy-looking Batcopter Mego produced!


The Batcycle was done much better... would've preferred the blue plastic to be black, though!


And finally, we have the Wayne Foundation Playset, which kind of replaced the earlier Bat-Cave playset. This was easily the largest playset Mego produced, and one of the few items that paid attention to current comics continuity!

There were other Mego Bat-vehicles... I already referred to the Bat-Copter (which will come up one of these "Found on eBay" posts), but there were also Bat-Shuttles and Robin-Shuttles (also will come up). But no Batplane or Whirly-Bat at all! And it's a shame, because I'd have thought a Whirly-Bat would've been very cheap to produce, and would've been easier to make look good!

Next time: The 12" Mego Super-Heroes!



  1. I always thought that the "Hero Case" was for records too. Never even knew of the Mego connection until I saw it listed on Ebay.

  2. The thing is, Dash, it's not a Mego item... it was produced by someone else entirely, as sort of a general storage/carrying case! Mego had their own storage case they'd marketed earlier.

    By the way, there's a Supercase up for auction right now on ebay... click here to check it out - starting bid of 99 cents, too!


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  4. Pretty cool. Too bad I don't have records anymore (or Megos).
    Maybe someone can make a smaller one that'd store CDs...

  5. I had a building like that when I was a child. It was a lot of fun. I wish I still had it.

  6. Glen, there was something similar for the GI Joe Adventure Team in the 1970s, although that was only two stories tall once it was opened up... is that what you're thinking of?


  7. The Cap and Green Arrow cars are charmingly lame.

  8. Aren't they, though, Bubbashelby?



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