Thursday, April 24, 2008

By The 10's: The Incredible Hulk 210-

Let's finish up the "By the 10's" that began with Tales to Astonish, and then morphed into The Incredible Hulk, shall we?


So here's Incredible Hulk 210, an issue that I know I used to have, but honestly, I've retained nothing from it! My guess is that this was one of those Marvel stories that was created because someone realized that they needed to renew the copyright and/or trademark on Dr. Druid! This used to happen a lot in the late 70s/early 80s before the first "Official Handbook"/"Who's Who" series.


As you can see, by this point, Ernie Chan/Chua had gone from doing Batman covers and the like at DC to doing covers at Marvel! And his Hulk was pretty good... but you know, it's just not quite Trimpe, is it?


The "Marvel's TV Sensation" banner on the comics of this time really must've felt misleading to anybody who bought the books expecting to find David Banner hitchhiking across America and transforming into a mute Hulk, eh? Plus, you'd never see Lou Ferrigno bench-pressing a tractor like this, eh?


These last two issues -- Hulk 230 and Hulk 240 (seen above) are issues that I may well have bought off the newsstands... I don't recall much about them, I'm afraid to say... I guess that's what happens if you've read too many comics (if there is such a thing)?


And I'm afraid that's the case for Hulk 250, as well. Honestly, a lot of these last 50 issues were pretty forgettable to me, which is kind of a surprise... I mean, where were the issues with the new Moonstone and the Corporation, and the crossover with Captain America? Well, those must've happened between these issues, apparently. Anyway, that's why I'm ending with this issue.

Next 1-10... well, who knows? Whatever I decide to go with next week!



  1. Them were three men, one young, one old, one middle aged, who controlled a Utopian world. That's about all I can recollect.

  2. That's more than I remembered, Glen... thanks!



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