Saturday, April 19, 2008

Found on eBay: TV Collectibles!

Yes, it's a lot of "Found on eBay" posts tonight! Here's an assortment of TV collectibles for you to check out...


Of all the possible Bugaloos merchandise I've seen on eBay (not that there's been much), the last thing I expected to find was a Bugaloos novel... and this is the second novel in the series, too! I just can't imagine how it would've adapted to novel format... were there at least some drawings or photos accompanying it to give the story the proper psychadelic feeling?


You long-time "Random Acts" readers may recall that a while back, I posted a photo of a Get Smart! Maxwell Smart action figure, and suggested that there must've been a 99 figure, too... well, here it is... and I'm kind of surprised that her hair is molded plastic, instead of rooted, given the cloth coat she's sporting. No idea if the figure has a properly Barbara Feldon-esque physique, but I'm guessing it does.


I may have posted this Frankie (of the Groovie Goolies) Ben Cooper costume during the Halloween countdown (like I may have done with the Haunted Mansion kits, see a post or two below)... but it's fun enough to post again! Especially since it gives me another opportunity to tout my theory that Filmation head honcho Lou Scheimer was used as the basis for Frankie's appearance! Well, Lou with the classic Universal Frankenstein monster makeup, anyway. At the very least, the current photos and footage I've seen of Lou makes it appear that way! It wouldn't surprise me if Lou never realized this was the case... there is kind of a tradition in animation for someone to be used as the basis for a character without realizing it.


It's rare that I come across a Battlestar Galactica item and think, "Man, that is so cool, I wish I had it!" It's not that I have anything against Galactica -- I just have no interest in collecting it! But this Cylon radio is just too cool! I'm guessing that as you tune it, the light in the eyepiece moves along as you tune. And that is just a completely mind-blowingly cool idea!


This must be a UK-produced 8mm movie of Fireball XL5, one of the Gerry Anderson "Supermarionation" TV shows!


Up and at 'em, Atom Ant! Here's an animation cel with background of the miniscule Hanna-Barbera superhero...


This Atom Ant play fun book must've offered hundreds of hours of enjoyment... why don't you ever find these things offered up anymore, instead of all the boring coloring books that are everywhere?


Anyone else remember the Cattanooga Cats? They were another of those cartoon series that came out in the wake of the Archies' success, featuring an animated rock and roll band. My brothers and sisters and I were faithful watchers, and I've never been able to forget the theme song!

And after watching that video, neither will you!


And we'll wrap up this post with this Hanna-Barbera "Color TV Set," which is kind of a movie viewer type of toy, except that you're basically looking at a paper scroll through the plastic viewer, as opposed to viewing a film strip! It's possible that the Charlton artists did work on this, just because of that "Hanna-Barbera Parade" logo on one of the scrolls.

We'll have more TV collectibles on the next installment!


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