Sunday, April 13, 2008

If any of this last bunch of eBay auctions didn't float your boat...

...I'll have a brand-new batch going up probably Monday evening! And there'll be much more Bronze and Silver Age stuff there than in the last group!

I'll have to admit, I expected a better showing with the auctions that closed tonight... some of them I'll probably not bother relisting, but any that I do relist will probably start with a lower starting bid. I may even consider making some of them "Buy it Now" items. We'll see. I probably won't do the relist until the next batch closes!



  1. Anonymous11:29 PM

    Hmmmm... lots of stuff i'd like to have, but not wanting to pay all that shipping...

    Are you going to Emerald City Comic Con this year? If so, would you be willing to take a PayPal payment up-front for items that i win, then deliver at ECCC in May? Feel free to say no, it's just a thought...

  2. I'm hoping to go to ECCC... one of the reasons I'm doing these auctions is to raise money for that... but it's not quite guaranteed.

    So far as the shipping goes, I always recalcuate shipping for multiple-item purchases... in the case of the smaller lots (like the 80 Page Giants), there would probably be no additional postage needed for buying more than one of them... and the maximum total postage for any purchase would be $9.50 - and that would be for a Priority Mail Flat-Rate Box!

    Plus, I've been known to discount postage on larger purchases, too!



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