Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quasimodo's Monster Magazine #3, Part 1


Time to start looking through another monster magazine... this time, it's Quasimodo's Monster Magazine, and we're looking at issue #3. Actually, in many ways, this was the first issue... the first two issues of this Mayfair publication were called "Monster World." Even that could've been considered a second volume, as prior to that, Mayfair had published three issues of "Monster Fantasy."

All three titles began in 1975, and Quasimodo's lasted into 1976, with issue 8. For a complete gallery of Mayfair's monster magazines, check out Mayfair Monster Mags,, part of the larger Monster Magazines - The First Decade website.

Tony Tallarico, who's infamous for drawing the Dell monster super-hero books, among other things, was the editor of all three books.

As you might guess from the cover, the main focus on this magazine -- at least in this issue --- was on current movies, such as "Phase IV" and "Earthquake," although there was he Lugosi article and Christopher Lee interview (cover-featured). I'm not sure who did the cover painting.


And as you can see, on page 2, we've got that karate ad that's been featured in many, many comics of the 1970s... with the table of contents on page 3! By the way, this page -- as well as others that'll follow as we continue this review -- weren't scanned crooked... they were scanned straight, but apparently Mayfair's presses (or their printer's presses) weren't capable of keeping things straight as the paper ran through the presses, making all the pages look rather wonky!


Pages 4 and 5 were the letters page... and honestly, I didn't find much of interest there... no famous names writing letters... I almost wonder if all the letters (not just the one by "Anthony Tallarico") were made up to fill the pages! I'm guessing the monster magazine contest referred to at the top of page 5 started in the earlier publication.

Next time around, I'll present the entirety of the "Phase IV" article, about the killer ant movie!


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