Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bought on eBay: Board Games!

Here's a couple of games I bought on eBay... It'll be fun when Tristan's old enough to play these!


This "Escape from Frankenstein" game is pretty fun... when the game starts, the monster hasn't been created yet... the first several turns, the monster gets constructed, and then you're trying to keep him from catching up with you!

The Frankenstein monster piece is pretty cool!


Here's another cool one, "The Monster Game" is basically a game where you're trying to collect all the pieces for the monster, after which you get to assemble him on the lab table, and turn the crank to raise him up - and his eyes open!


A rather blurry close-up photo of the assembled monster.

Here's some photos of "Super Powers: Justice League of America Skyscraper Caper"!


As you can see, this game uses an awesome three-dimensional gameboard, along with figures of the major Super Powers characters (Superman, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Brainiac, Luthor, The Joker, and the Penguin. My set, at least, has two sets of the villains. Yeah, no Aquaman here -- what would he be doing on a skyscraper anyway, aside from looking for a water tank every hour?


The Superman, Wonder Woman, Brainiac, Luthor and Joker pieces.


Luthor and the Joker (again), plus the Penguin and Batman!


Here's the Green Lantern and Robin figures!

And these, for the time being, are the last of the "Bought on eBay" items!



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