Wednesday, May 28, 2008

By the 10's: Captain America 210-250!

As you'll recall, when last we left off on Captain America, Jack Kirby had come back... and he was still there in issue 210...


...which also featured Arnim Zola, the Bio-Fanatic AND the Red Skull! As well as Donna Maria, the raven-haired beauty sharing the cover with Cap and Sharon Carter!


But by issue 220, Kirby was gone again... this cover's by Gil Kane, and it was part of a multi-part storyline written pretty much to explain how Cap ended up in that iceberg where the Avengers found him, as well as the whole suspended animation thing!


Now here's issue 230, and that's the THIRD Captain America cover featured in By the 10's that also has the Hulk there! What is it with Captain America/Hulk battles, anyway?

Well, in this case, it's because Roger Stern was writing the book, and he was also writing the Hulk, and had been introducing the Corporation in both titles, having the stories dovetail together about this time!

This was a pretty decent run of stories, which I believe also introduced the Super-Agents of Shield, one of which, Marvel Man, later rechristened himself Quasar!


Could these guys really give Cap a run for his money on the cover of Captain America 240? Stern was "only" editing the book by this point, and honestly, it was about here the title would meander for a while, with a few bright spots here and there...


The couple of issues around, and including 250 above, is one of those bright spots! In this issue, Captain America considers running for president!

And with that... we'll close the doors on this 1-10, because it's as good an arbitrary point to stop as any!

Next time... we'll start on a different title!



  1. I'm surprised nobody has ever brought back Donna Maria and The Swine.

    The Cap for President story is highly regarded by some, but I never really thought that much of it, myself.

  2. Now that you've mentioned it, I'm sure someone's getting it into their head they need to bring both of them back!



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