Friday, May 09, 2008

Cool Stuff: Potpourri! Well, some Potpourri, Mostly Major Matt Mason!

Here's a few miscellaneous items!


Check out this bootleg toy offering... Superman, two different Spider-Man figures, The Thing, and a Ninja Turtle! I understand packs like this are often found at swap meets and some Dollar Store-type stores, especially those in a Hispanic neighborhood... I never see this kind of stuff up here in Washington -- at least, not outside comics shows, anyway!


This was a bizarre couple of pieces to sell together... a Mighty Mouse game and a Wonder Woman slide puzzle! For some reason, I'm thinking there's not much of a crossover market for these items Maybe the seller thought they'd get the MM and WW collectors competing against each other?


Another unusual pairing... I remember seeing this Spider-Man game advertised in the comics, probably in the early 80s... but I don't remember ever seeing that Superman ball from Mattel before! I'm guessing it's some kind of Super Ball imitation.


A long time back, I posted scans from either a Sears or Montgomery Ward's catalog which showed some Billy Blastoff toys, which appeared to be akin to Major Matt Mason, but designed for younger kids. Above, you see the rocket ship from that toy line!


Here's a whole batch of Billy Blastoff toys! That one vehicle on the upper left definitely looks like a variation on a Major Matt Mason vehicle, doesn't it?


I don't know about you, but until I came across this, I had no idea there was a Major Matt Mason Big Little Book!


Here's Major Matt Mason's buddy, Doug Davis!

YEah, this potpourri post is turning into a Major Matt Mason toys post, isn't it?


I suspect I may have posted a photo of this Major Matt Mason knockoff toy before... and if so, here it is again!


This Moonsuit has got to be one of the oddest MMM accessories!


Is my memory faulty, or did Mattel reissue Scorpio later, in the 70s or 80s? Shown here is a custom box for Scorpio, in case it doesn't look like what you remember it looking like.


Hey, what's this Sea Devils toy doing in the middle of this?


It may be a bit squashed, but this Space Bubble toy was cool!


Personally, I think this Space Power Suit Pak is cooler than the Moon Suit!


It's probably a good thing that Mattel hasn't decided to reissue Major Matt Mason and all the accessories, because I don't think my budget would take it!


Probably the Holy Grail of MMM items is this Space Station playset!


This Space Travel Pak is pretty awesome, too!



  1. Ah, the Whitman Big Little Book of Major Matt Mason is one of my most prized possessions. It's really very good and a bit more sophisticated than you'd expect. Very possibly this book was a bridge that led me to reading the SF juveniles of Lester Del Rey and Robert Heinlein. Everything you could want about the MMM Big Little Book can be found here.

    And the Moon Suit is the single most "authentic" part of the toy line, being the image that inspired its creation: see here.

  2. Thanks for the tip!



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