Sunday, June 01, 2008

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!


We start out with this page from an issue of Strange Tales, featuring the return of Gargantus, drawn by Jack Kirby! Unfortunately, the seller doesn't appear to have listed the issue number and page number for this page... and the Grand Comics Database is down again, so I can't look it up!


Next up for your perusal is page 1 of Sub-Mariner 22, art by Marie Severin! Which reminds me that I need to get that Essential Sub-Mariner volume sometime soon, as I've always been fond of Namor's adventures (at least, in the original series).

I think I just read this story recently in Essential Defenders Vol. 1, which I'd checked out from my local library!


Here's the cover for Sub-Mariner 10, by Gentleman Gene Colan. As I'm writing this (it's a scheduled post), word's come that Colan is not doing well, and I hope by the time this post appears, he's in much better health.


Next up, we've got page 22 from Superboy 242, although as you can guess, the Legion of Super-Heroes had pretty much taken over the title by the time Jim Sherman did this page! Heck, Dawnstar's present here, so it had long ago been retitled "Superboy and the Legion of Super-Heroes," eh?


Here's page 1 from Super Friends 6, with art by Ramona Fradon! If I'm not mistaken, this story was reprinted in the Super Friends trade paperback... yeah, I'm pretty sure of it, now that I think of it!

It's always disappointing to me when an artist whose work I've admired ends up drawing one of these adaptation books... like Win Mortimer (see the last "Original Comic Art" post) on Spidey Super Stories, or Fradon on Super Friends... or to use a more modern example, Joe Staton on Scooby-Doo! But I suppose it's better than disappearing from comics entirely, and I'm guessing they may not have felt it's much of a comedown.


Anyone who thinks that Curt Swan couldn't draw a sexy babe need look no further than page 6 of Superman 243 to be shown differently, eh?


Here's page 1 from Superman 261, also by Swan... and available in a super-size view if you click on it! Incredibly, the seller of this page relisted it at least once! Perhaps the price was just way too high for a Swan page? Even the "cheap" Swan Superman pages are way out of my price range, so I don't even look at the current bids!


Page 24 from Superman 401 doesn't feature the Man of Steel, but it's got Luthor in his battle armor, and that's always worth a look! Art by Swan, naturally. Hmm, well, looking again, it's Superman in the battle armor, isn't it?


OK, this may not have appeared in a comic book, but this original Superman drawing by Wayne Boring is definitely worth a look at, isn't it?


Speaking of Wayne Boring, here's his artwork on the Superman comic strip! This installment is apparently #478, and I'm guesssing it's a Sunday strip.


Maybe I'm wrong... because this is strip #479!


Strip #485 here! I wonder if the Sunday strip had a separate numbering?


Here's a nice Superman piece by George Tuska -- I just wish a better photo/scan had been done of it! Unpublished, this appears to be an updating of the kind of page that would appear more often in the Golden Age of comics!

Next time around... Superman Family by Schaffenberger... and more original comics art!



  1. Jon,
    Re: "the return of Gargantus"

    Fortunately, the GCD uses much more reliable servers nowadays. This page is from Strange Tales #85 (June 1961).
    Hope this helps!


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