Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!


This installment of Original Comics Art begins with the cover for Atlas Comics' Tales of Evil #1, art by Larry Lieber! Click on it if you want a supersized view.


How's this for something different? It's Al Fago's cover for Target Comics #64!


OK, since the pages are coming from books starting with a "T", you shouldn't be surprised to see a Thor page, eh? This is page 11 from Thor 179, art by Keith Pollard, who did nice comics work! What happened to him, anyway? I suppose I could look it up on Wikipedia...


Here's Dynamo and the THUNDER Squad, from Wally Wood's cover to THUNDER Agents #11! I wish I had more Wood pages to post here!


Same goes for Steve Ditko's work... this is page 3 from THUNDER Agents 18, and I'm guessing it's from the NoMan tale.


By the time this post appears, the Iron Man movie may be gone from theaters, and on its way to a DVD release... here's page 2 from Tales of Suspense 69, obviously from the Iron Man story, art by Don Heck, an artist whose work I admire much more than I did, say, 20 years ago!


And going back a bunch of issues, here's another Heck Iron Man page, this one page 5 from Tales of Suspense 55!


Another Iron Man Heck page! This one is page 14 from TOS 58! You know, if these Acts of Geekery weren't so random, I would've posted these pages when the Iron Man movie opened, in a pathetic attempt to get some traffic here looking for Iron Man stuff, eh?


It's been way too long since I had a Kirby page here... so here's page 9 from Tales of Suspense 79! Enjoy!


And we've gone back to Heck again... this time, it's page 4 from Tales to Astonish 45, featuring the Winsome Wasp and Egghead!


Page 6 from the same story... well, the art says 8, but the piece's seller said 6. Maybe it's page 6 of the story, but page 8 of the book?


And we'll wrap up this edition with this Ditko page from a non-Marvel hero tale from Tales to Astonish 38, this being page 4!

Next time... Two-Gun Kid and more!


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