Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cool Stuff: Potpourri! Wait, no, it's Spidey Stuff!

And let's get into the mix of stuff here, shall we?


First up, some nice box art for the 8mm version of "Son of Zorro"! I don't recall ever seeing any version of Zorro using a gun before...


Here's one of those AHI toys... it's a friction-powered Eagle Spaceship from Space:1999, making the ship a car, for all intents and purposes!


Oh, you know what this means... what was intended as potpourri is going to be all Spidey collectibles! This neat patch was apparently a 1970s gumball machine item.


What an odd angle to take a photo of these items! To the left, you see a Spidey Acrobat puppet toy -- one of the few acrobat puppet toys that makes sense for the character! On the right hand side, it's the Spidey gumball dispenser, marketed under the Secret Wars branding.


And here's yet another one of those Spider-Man cars... this is another AHI toy, and it appears you rev up the engine by pulling a string in the back, making it a super accellerator car, hmm?


Spider-Man figural bank, by Mego! It's amazing all the banks Mego produced, for a company we think of as an action figure manufacturer.


File this one under "What the heck are they thinking?" I don't know why anyone would think that an explorer set was something that should be marketed as a Spider-Man, Hulk or Captain America item... Indiana Jones? Absolutely. Doc Savage? You bet. But not those three Marvel characters!

Heck, Ka-Zar would've made more sense than those.


Corgi Spider-Bike... boxed!

I've had at least one of you comment that it's no wonder Spider-Man was always whining about money, what with all the cars, helicopters, motorcycles and the like he apparently had (based on the toys)... one of these days, I'll sort out all the Spidey vehicles and do a mega-post or slideshow of 'em!


Here's a Spider-Man bubble blower... and yet another Spider-Vehicle! Man, you'd think Spidey had Batman envy or something...


Yet another Spider-Man bubble toy, this one called a Bubble Machine... at least the figural part looks nice...


Yes! A camera for a character that uses a camera! This Spider-Man camera is pretty cool, if you ask me -- cooler than the digital Spidey cameras they're selling these days. And as a bonus, that's an Ideal Spider-Man Pocket Flix with it -- Ideal's answer to Kenner's movie viewer!


Spider-Man Colorforms!

Hmmm... you know, it just occurred to me... all the various characters they've done Colorforms of, I don't recall ever seeing a Six Million Dollar Man set! But I digress.


And we'll wrap up this edition with yet another Corgi Spider-Bike... but there's still more Spider-Man merchandise to come... next time!


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