Friday, June 20, 2008

Planet of the Apes Month: Cool Stuff!

It's Friday, and time for more Planet of the Apes Cool Stuff!


And we start off this installment with the Talking View-Master Planet of the Apes set, which was based on the TV series (it's too bad they didn't make sets of the original movies, eh?).


I've mentioned the Multiple Toymakers Planet of the Apes playset before, even showed a few pieces from it... here's the whole thing, with most (if not all) of the original packaging! Until the Megos, this was the only POTA playset available.


How's this for an obscure, but defintely cool, Planet of the Apes item? It's a Planet of the Apes sleeping bag, and it's the only one I've seen offered so far! I wish I could've afforded it...


Here's another of those POTA Mix 'n Mold kits... this one being Cornelius! It's surprising to me that these are only appearing in the package... I would've thought that one that had been molded would've shown up by now!


I've no idea if this Dr. Zaius keychain was a US item or not... pretty cool, though! I have yet to see one in this style with any of the other characters.


I have no idea how old or new this poster is - I suspect it's pretty recent - but it was too cool not to grab the photo of and post it here!


Here's one of Power Records' Planet of the Apes albums, and I suspect it's one that's based on the animated series, because none of the story names there is "Dawn of the Tree People," which was one of the live-action series-based records they produced!


Here's a Planet of the Apes pinball game, but the header card doesn't look like an AHI one... but it could well be an AHI item, for all I know!


This is definitely an AHI item... the Galen Paratrooper!


Been a while since I posted a photo of any movie viewer... here's a Planet of the Apes one made by Chemtoy (who I believe made others in this style, given that the movie viewer itself looks the same as all the other ones I've seen).


I posted a photo of the Mego Astronaut in the box before, but here he is with his helmet off! I believe the figure and outfit were both recycled from the Action Jackson line, but without the "AJ" insignia.


This photo is a bit washed out, but you can pretty much tell what Japan's Mego Soldier Apes looked like in the box from it!


I showed a photo of a loose AHI POTA Zing Wing earlier this month... here it is in the package!


Here's a boxed Mego Galen for you to feast your eyes on... you know, I'm half-surprised Mego didn't also try to sell the same figure as Caesar, too!


Note that this TV astronaut (I forget, is this Burke or Virdon?) was at least offered for sale in the generic astronaut box... I don't know why they didn't make a different box for them!


If you're a fan of the Plaid Stallions website, you probably saw a catalog page posted there last month with a whole display box of these AHI Planet of the Apes squirtguns... but the catalog it was scanned from didn't show the squirt guns all that well! So here they are... Zaius and Galen, ready to spit at your foes!


Yes, your eyes are not decieving you... that is an AHI Planet of the Apes helicopter, even though such a vehicle was never seen in any Apes movie (at least, not outside of Escape or Conquest!).


The seller of this item called it a Planet of the Apes walkie-talkie, but by the end of the month, you'll see this was part of a package of several toys!


OK, I've shown you the plush Dr. Zaius, and the soft puppet Dr. Zaius... and now, here's a beanbag Dr. Zaius, decades before Beanie Babies!


Yes, this bizarre sunhat with built-in sunglasses was a licensed Planet of the Apes item... looks rather goofy to me!


Oh, here it is already... that wasn't just a walkie-talkie, it was a pellet-shooting walkie talkie! I have no idea why there's a magnet-shaped thing in there, too.

And that's where we'll end it for today!



  1. erm.. About the Power Record. Did you make a small typing mistake? because you said "I suspect it's one that's based on the animated series, because none of the story names there is "Dawn of the Tree People," which was one of the live-action series-based records they produced!"

    but Track 3 is Dawn of the Tree People.

  2. That poster is british wall paper and it's pure vintage. My memory is bad but I think I had different versions of those Power records that had Verdon and Burke on the cover.

  3. Manic Man: I completely missed seeing that on the record! Can't see how, but I did.

    I do remember there was a POTA record based on the animated series, though.

    PlaidStallions: Ah, the seller of that poster/wallpaper claimed it was wrapping paper, but I had my doubts!


  4. Definitely uk wrapping paper from the early 70s - had a few sheets up on my wall as a kid around 74/75 ;)


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