Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cool Stuff: More Batman Goodies!

Wow, this is a double Cool Stuff day here on the Random Acts of Geekery! Let's commence with the Batman stuff, shall we?


Batman oil can puzzle from the 1970s... with Neal Adams artwork!


I don't care how simple the box promises it is, I'm absolutely, positively certain that if I were to get this Batman Paint-By-Numbers set, and I tried to paint it, it would end up only vaguely looking like the sample!


I'm guessing this Pencil Sharpener was a bootleg item!


Here's another of those items that, if I were to somehow get my hands on it, I promise you I would absolutely scan the pages in and post them here, so you guys could save the scans to your hard drive and print them out on card stock, so you could do your own press-out toys for your own personal use!


Pretty cool puzzle here, considering it's a Playskool item, eh?


This is a pretty cool record album... this same company did other records with other DC characters, including Official Adventures of Green Lantern and The Flash that told the Golden Age characters' origins!


I don't care how safely these cut, once you take 'em off the card, how are you to know that they're Batman Scissors???


Oh my goodness... check these out! From Ideal, it's Shaker Maker Batman Bobbleheads!!!!

OK so they just look like Bobbleheads...


I'm pretty sure this Batman pencil sharpener was an authorized item, unlike the last one I posted a photo of!


Yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you... those are, indeed, Batman slippers.


I'm sure many of you will remember seeing this poster offered for sale in the comics... eventually, I'll post photos of all the other posters offered at the same time!


These Batman and Robin figures apparently were part of some kind of Batmobile or Batboat toy.


This Batman watch is cool... not as cool as the Superman watch my wife gave me, but still pretty cool!


These Batman wrist radios have been manufactured by Remco as Dick Tracy radios, and probably many other licensed character radios, too!

Next time around, Cool Stuff looks at some stuff that I know Plaid Stallions will enjoy... it's Big Jim stuff!



  1. Oh man...I had those Batman slippers! I'd forgotten them for all these years!

    Sometimes I think this blog is the "RAB personal archaeology site" because of all the things I'd forgotten that you remind me of. But I'm equally sure all your other readers are now saying "no, it's my personal archaeology site..."

  2. I had some slippers just like those that were Davy Crockett (or maybe it was Daniel Boone). I dunno. That was 42 years ago.

    I have that Batman LP, and a bunch of the others shared for everyone's listening pleasure at my Children's Record blog.

    Thanks again for some awesome memories Jon.


  3. RAB and Dave - glad you enjoyed the post and memories! And Dave, believe me, I've downloaded the Batman record from your blog, and listened to it several times! Your Children's Record blog has added a LOT of great stuff to my MP3 collection! Too bad nobody's been able to do a reissue of all those great old records, eh?



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