Friday, July 11, 2008

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

Time to check out some more original comic art recently offered for sale online!


And we start off with this Joe Staton page from All-Star Comics 67, the final page of the story. Now, maybe it's just me, but this page looks rather rushed, not up to Staton's usual quality.


Compare it to page 7 from All-Star 71, which is (in my mind) a much better page all the way around!


You'll recall that one of the few exceptions that I'll make to featuring comic art beyond 1980 is DC's Earth-Two titles written by Roy Thomas... here's Arvell Jones' cover to All-Star Squadron 66! I only wish I could come across some of the pages that had been done by Jerry Ordway and/or Rich Buckler!


Next up is this slightly cheesecake-y page from All True Romance 3. This would be page 4, and was done by the Iger shop, so identifying the specific artist could be problematic! This series isn't very well-indexed, so the GCDB isn't much help!


Here's page 9 from the same issue! It's good stuff, isn't it?


Just for something different, here's page 6 from Alvin 5, published by Dell Comics! I have no idea who the artist was - and neither did the seller!


This Ross Andru page, from Amazing Spider-Man 137, probably realized the lowest price of just about any Spidey page from the 1970s, given the lack of any costumed character! But I kind of like it... Note how Andru's positioned the direction of the cab in most panels to draw your eye through the page.


Speaking of Spidey, here's a Spidey-less page 4 from Amazing Spider-Man 36, art by (duh!) Steve Ditko!


For you Aquaman fans, here's page 13 from Aquaman 23, by Nick Cardy! Is it just me, or is it just plain bizarre that Arthur keeps referring to his son as "Aquababy" all the time?


It's always a treat for me when I come across a Jim Aparo page... and here's page 8 from Aquaman 44! Aside from Tula (aka Aquagirl), there's no main character present here...


Next is this Ross Andru cover for issue 6 of "Arrgh!", one of Marvel's 1970s attempts to do a humor book, which would eventually culiminate in Crazy Magazine! I wonder if this cover was actually used, as the GCDB only has Arrgh running 5 issues! Apparently it was never used, because even Overstreet only lists 5 issues!


Next up, it's page 10 from Astonishing Tales 13, featuring Ka-Zar by John Buscema! The babe in the final panel, in case you're not aware, is Barbara Morse, aka Bobbi Morse, who would become Mockingbird and marry Hawkeye!


Here's page 5 from the same issue... man, I would've thought I'd have remembered a Ka-Zar/Man-Thing meeting!


Here's page 11 from Astonishing Tales 35, and as you can guess, it's by Rich Buckler, and Deathlok the Demolisher has taken over the title (Ka-Zar went to his own title). Buckler really started to come into his own here, I feel.

And that seems as good a place to end this installment as any!



  1. gotta agree with that All-Star Comics #67 page.. the page looks a little rushed, the action doesn't seam like the script was anything but a bit rushed on that page (but that's probbly just me). The angles look pretty ify and that middle panel on the bottom is.. well.. that looks pretty rushed..

  2. You're correct that the AARGH! cover never appeared which makes it even cooler to see here! That book, sort of an answer to DC's PLOP!, featured some reprints from Andru and Esposito's earlier attempt at a "hip" MAD-style mag, UP YOUR NOSE AND OUT YOUR EAR!

  3. Manic Man - Glad it wasn't just me!

    Booksteve - Thanks for the info!


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