Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cool Stuff: Original Comic Art!

So, let's see if there are, indeed, enough pages of Daredevil art in my files to make this an all-DD installment, shall we?


First up, here's page 19 from DD 14, by John Romita Sr.


Next, page 12 from DD 23, by Gentleman Gene Colan!


Page 17 from DD 93, again by Colan!


Well, I could've sworn I had a fair amount of Daredevil pages in this folder of scans... but oh well! Here's page 19 of Deadly Hands of Kung Fu 19, by George Perez! This would be from a Sons of the Tiger story.

So... I didn't have the promised Daredevil pages... but how about some Defenders pages?


Here's page 19 of Defenders 107, by Don Perlin... outside the usual range of stuff I like to showcase here, comics-wise, but still a nice page! Click for super-size options.


Now, this is right smack in the range of comics I love to showcase... it's John Romita's cover for Defenders 12, as Xemmu, the Living Titan, returns!


Next up is page 31 from Defenders 16, by Sal Busema... the next-to-the-last page of this two-parter story!


Bouncing back a bit, here's another Sal Buscema page... page 5 from Defenders 6! I believe this just preceded the Avengers-Defenders War!


Bouncing forward again, this is page 30 from Defenders 77, art by Herb Trimpe, but I'd bet Don Perlin did inks on it! And I'd lose that bet, wouldn't I? Steve Mitchell inked this part of the book!


Yep, we're bouncing backwards again... to issue 8, page 11, by Sal again! I seem to have a mess of pages from this issue in my files...


Here's page 5...


And here's page 21 from the same issue! The dude with the medallion is the Red Ghost, believe it or not!


I've also got a picture of page 24, which would be the first part of the Avengers-Defenders War for certain!

And we'll leave it at that, but there's at least one more Defenders page for the next time around... and it's from the Avengers-Defenders War, too!



  1. another good artist doing what i felt isn't a great job.. that Busema Magnito just looks a little below par.. I know the character has changed alot over time but still.

  2. I dunno... Sal's rendition of Magneto is pretty much on-model for the time, from what I remember when I read that story as a kid when it came out!


  3. it's probbly me then.. like i said, the character has changed alot over time.. i think what am more comparing it two is X-men #1 (sorry. it was renamed so it should be uncanny X-men #1 vol.1)


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