Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cool Stuff: Volume 4 Begins with 8mm Box Art!

Time to start with Volume 4 of my Cool Stuff photos! Yes, it's 655 photos of all kinds of geekish cool things offered for sale on a certain internet auction site, all preserved here (and in my Flickr files) for fans of all kinds to peruse, and say, "Hey! I used to have that!" or "Hey! I always wanted that!" or "Hey! I've never heard of that!" or "Hey! I have that!" or "Hey! I've got to get that!"

We start this volume with some 8mm box art!


Sometimes I think Abbott and Costello must be the kings of 8mm releases, because there are just so many shortened versions of their movies out there!


Here's another Abbott and Costello 8mm release!


And another one!


I was sorely tempted when I came across this listing for a like-new 8mm projector WITH movies, I'll tell you!


I don't recall ever seeing a Dinky Duck cartoon before in my life.


Here's another one of those movies I should really get around to seeing... especially if I want to cover it in the "Movie of the Week" sometime!


OK, nothing specifically geeky about Gentlemen Prefer Blondes... but I've always been rather fond of Marilyn Monroe's movies, so why not?


"The Stowaways" is taken from the Marx Brothers classic "Monkey Business."


Here's "War of the Planets" with rather generic looking box art! But it's not so generic when you find out it's cobbled together from scenes of "This Island Earth," eh?


Here's a classic in condensed form... War of the Worlds! I always thought the poster art this box art came from didn't really fit the movie that well.


When Worlds Collide, another George Pal classic, and one it's been way too long since I've seen it!


A lot of cartoon characters are represented on 8mm... and ones we've all heard of, too, like Woody Woodpecker! Here's a few of his 8mm releases!


Next time around on Cool Stuff... we delve into a whole mess of cool Batman stuff, and you know it'll take several posts to get through them all!



  1. Of course, Mark Evainer has a nice bit on his site about Castle Films 8mm's and does say about the Abbott and Costello ones and how that in fact lead to some 'changes' in accounting and such like. It's in his Notes section under castle Films.

  2. Yeah, it's been too long since I last looked over that to see if he's added anything to it!


  3. My borther had an 8 MM Projector just like the one you picutred here. He got it from all places an Adult Book Store that was going out of business. Unfortunately, he lost it and all his films in his last divorce.

  4. Oh, man, Dave, that really sucks... not only going through a divorce, but losing his 8mm collection, too? Yikes...



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