Saturday, July 26, 2008

Movie of the Week: Tobor the Great!

What? After doing 2001 last week, this week I'm covering "Tobor, the Great"?!?!?!


Well, yeah... and I've never seen the movie, either, so I can't even discuss it from a personal viewpoint!


But I have a few photos of posters and lobby cards, and a bunch of YouTube videos (not that I have any idea what the order of them should be).

Here's the plot from Wikpedia: Dr. Ralph Harrison, a member of the new government-appointed Civil Interplanetary Flight Commission, resigns in protest against the inhumane treatment being inflicted upon spaceship pilots. His colleague Professor Nordstrom develops an alternative robot spaceman (a.k.a. TOBOR), [which is stolen by enemy agents. Only the scientists' psychic link with the robot can save it from being reprogrammed for evil purposes.]




Maybe if I ever get around to seeing this one, I'll revisit it...

There are a few more videos from the movie on YouTube... maybe even most of the movie's there, but the person who posted them didn't provide any info about what order the clips go in!

So I hope you'll forgive me my laziness in this post... but next time around, starting the first Saturday in August, it'll be time to start another movie series again! Which one will it be... The Fly? Godzilla? King Kong? Creature from the Black Lagoon? Be here and see!



  1. never seen the film myself.. come ot think of it, never really heard of it.. though being english, when i saw the name 'Charles Drake' i though, "what the.. Charlie Drake in a Monster Film?" but then i relised it was Charles Drake from Harvey.. say, if a movie about a gaint invisible Rabbit isn't a 'Monster' movie what is? ^_^

  2. Yeah, I really should remember to only post movie of the weeks for movies I've actually seen....

    And yeah, I never thought that about Harvey, either!



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