Thursday, July 24, 2008

This 'n That Time!

Been a while since I wrote one of these entries... and there's a few things I wanted to mention in brief, so here goes!

ITEM! Wowio, the very cool site that lets you download free digital comics legally, is going international... unfortunately, while they're working on going international, the site's been down, with just the announcement on there and an option to enter your email address when it's up again. It's been well over a month at least since it's been up. Hopefully, this doesn't mean it'll end up just disappearing!

ITEM! You'll remember a while back I wrote that my car got rear-ended? Well, there's a happy ending to the tale... the insurance company gave us $2600 to fix the car, but the following weekend, while we were out at garage sales, we found a 1997 Ford Aerostar van for sale for less than that! So we decided to buy that instead, and later sold the Subaru Outback that was damaged for $1500. I think we came out ahead on that deal! The van is green, which means that my geeky mind immediately realized that it's a Green Aerostar... as in Green Arrow, Star City! Whoo-hah!

ITEM! The family's still recovering from my dad's passing away. The funeral was a nice affair, all things considered, and I got a chance to see some relatives I haven't seen since high school. It doesn't look like my mom's going to be able to keep the house (which has two mortgages on it), so preparations are being made to get it ready to sell, so she can move into something more affordable as well as more manageable.

ITEM! One week from Friday, on August 1, Jessi, Tristan, and our foster daughter Desi (not her real name, but a nickname that's stuck, so I feel it's safe to write it here) are going on vacation for 11 days to Pennsylvania, to visit Jessi's parents and see where Jessi grew up! But as I've said before, I've written enough posts for scheduled publishing here that there won't be any interruption! Of course, it may take a while before I respond to any comments!

ITEM! Just in case you're wondering, here's what we're watching on TV these days: TNT: The Closer (mostly just Jessi); TBS: The BIll Engvall Show; NBC: America's Got Talent, The Baby Borrowers, Last Comic Standing; USA: Monk, Psych, In Plain Sight, Burn Notice; TLC: Jon & Kate Plus Eight. I would've never thought that USA would be the channel we watched most!And all we're watching on NBC is "reality" shows!



  1. Sounds like things are now on the up-swing for you. Have a safe trip!

  2. Thanks, Craig... I'm sure it will be! Hopefully, we'll be able to relax some during that time, and not be on the go the whole trip!

  3. Hey Jon,

    I was sad to hear about your Dad passing. My thoughts are with you guys. Enjoy PA, we're having some wonderful weather here in the east and you guys will be right in the middle of it.

    Take care!

  4. Thanks, Vicki... it was busy, but fun! I'll be writing about it in the next few days here.



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