Thursday, August 07, 2008

By the 10's: Fight Comics!

Going to Fiction House for the next by the 10's... and Fight Comics!


Man, has issue 10's cover made it to Beau Smith's "Manly Cover of the Week" yet? Because look -- the woman in the background's actually shooting her rifle to fight off the wolves, while the hero figures, "The heck with that, I don't need to waste bullets... I'll just club 'em with the rifle!"

And from his stance, it looks like he's dealing with that while also having to go to the bathroom really, really badly.


Here's Fight Comics #20... don't look at this cover too closely, or the complete lack of perspective will blow your mind to pieces.


OK, there's a few things I don't get about the cover for Fight #30. First of all, how often did our troops have to rescue gorgeous blonde American women from the Japanese soldiers? Second, how is her skirt staying where it is? (I think Alicia Masters bought this skirt second-hand years later, when Annihilus tied her to the cables of the FF's elevator shaft during Byrne's run) And thirdly, just what the heck is supposed to be happening when the rope is cut? Because it doesn't look like it's taken that much of the tension, honestly... I guess it's assumed that the babe will be pulled apart?


Fight 40, and the whole "America's armed fighting forces" or whatever it was is gone, and Seniorita Rita has the cover spot! And she's being menaced by a Nazi Vulture. Or maybe it's a Nazi Condor, I'm not really certain.


By Fight 50, Tiger-Girl's taken over the cover spot... and what the heck is up with the whole "Tied between two trees" thing that's popped up twice so far here?


Obviously, Sheena was a major going concern, which explains the complete changeover of content. And here's issue 60, as Tiger Girl spears a lion!


Issue 70s cover, and I'm guessing the tiger about to pounce on the Big Game Hunter is Tiger Girl's friend!


Issue 80, and the best cover of this series so far! Could almost be Dave Stevens' work!

But things started changing a few issues later... on 82, Tiger-Girl was off the covers, and the military guys reclaimed the cover spot... all the way to the last issue, #86.


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