Saturday, August 23, 2008

By the 10's: Jumbo Comics, Part 2!

Continuing to look at Jumbo Comics, by the 10's...


OK, is it just me, or do any of you think there's something seriously wrong with Sheena's neck and head position on the cover for issue 110?


Issue 120, and that's one MASSIVE arrowhead there, isn't it? And where does Sheena keep her arrows, anyway? I don't think I've seen a single quiver!


No quiver on issue 130's cover...


Or on issue 140's cover, either. Where the heck is she keeping those arrows, anyway? Her hair???


Issue 150, and by this time, the colors on the cover are really looking good, aren't they? The art isn't bad, either.


Issue 160, and the last issue of this by the 10's, and Sheena's gone from fighting gorillas to rescuing them!

Next, on by the 10's... well, join us and find out, won't you?

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