Thursday, August 28, 2008

By the 10's: Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen!

Let's take a look at Jimmy Olsen, by the 10's!


We'll start with Jimmy Olsen 10... and here, Jimmy's assumed the role of Jungle Jimmy! So, given that Jimmy has a tendency for disguises and transformations, we'll have to say this goes in the first category, eh? Oh, and bonus points for a gorilla!


Jimmy Olsen 20... and it's a transformation cover!


Jimmy Olsen 30's cover is one I should've posted last Father's Day, eh? This certainly isn't a disguise or transformation cover... must be a "Superman is teaching Jimmy a lesson" cover!


Jimmy Olsen 40's cover is a two-in-one, if I'm not mistaken... it's a Transformation AND a "Teach Jimmy a Lesson" cover! It's just not readily apparent, that's all.


Jimmy Olsen 50 features a transformation (of sorts)... and we see that Jimmy Olsen should never design his own costumes... Green and Orange?!?!?


I can't really explain anything on this cover... especially the speed lines on Superman, indicating his flight direction has nothing to do with his pose!


Jimmy Olsen 70's cover introduces Silver Kryptonite! I wish I could remember what that was now...


Jimmy Olsen 80, and it's about time we got another transformation cover, eh?


Jimmy Olsen 90 features a transformation cover, and it's also in very, very bad taste!


Jimmy Olsen 100! An issue I've never read, but have heard about in the vaguest of terms!


Jimmy Olsen 110's cover is very retro... many Golden Age comics featured covers like these, that had nothing to do with the interiors!


Jimmy Olsen 120... could this be a "Teach Jimmy a Lesson" cover?


Jimmy Olsen 130... one of the most bizarre covers and stories ever!


Jimmy Olsen 140 is a good collection of stories! I think I've owned this issue a few times!


Jimmy Olsen 150's got a pretty weird cover... and where the heck are the backgrounds?


Backgrounds are also sparse on Jimmy Olsen 160!

Unfortunately, "By the 10's" means none of the Kirby issues are included... and sometime in the very near future, we'll pick up on this again with Superman Family, which took over the numbering from Jimmy Olsen!



  1. mmm.. lets see now..
    ~issue 30 really has me intrested as to why Superman is being pretty nasty.. What did Jimmy do wrong?
    ~Issue 40.... he has made a mistake and made Jimmy invisible.. simple.. why is he still doing it and smiling?
    ~Issue 100.. well, i can't see what is wrong with marring Lois's Sister but maybe there is something that will end superman's career.. but the heading 'The Weirdo wedding of Jimmy Olsen'... Okay, i am not keen on the word Weirdo and it doesn't seam to make sense in this bit..
    ~issue 160... has Jimmy been to the Gym? or is it just me....

  2. Oh forgot to say.
    The Silver Kryptonite is in in fact... dum-dum-dum! a Hoax! It's the Silver Anniverary of the start of Superman's career! Bet you didn't guess that!

  3. So far as issue 30 goes, Superman would act pretty nasty on the covers of all the books... but it usually proved to be a hoax in the end (or Jimmy or Lois needed to learn a lesson).

    Issue 40 - ditto!

    Issue 100's wedding ended up being annulled, from what I've heard... Lucy had promised her mother that she wouldn't marry until after Lois did -- and you can see how well that worked out for either of them!

    160 - that's just you! :)


  4. "...and we see that Jimmy Olsen should never design his own costumes... Green and Orange?!?!?"

    That wouldn't be a slam on Aquaman would it? ;)

  5. Bubbashelby, Aquaman's costume isn't just green and orange... it's got that nice yellow belt to break it up... adding one primary color can make all the difference in the world!


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