Friday, August 15, 2008

By the 10's: Wonder Woman, Part 2!

Try not to blow your mind with these Wonder Woman covers, by the 10's!


We're up to issue 110, and wow... how does anyone even think if a cover concept like that?


You know, I think I could go the rest of my life and never again encounter a sentence as high-concept as "Great Hera! The flying carpet is taking Steve straight to the fire genie!" Issue 120's cover here.


Issue 130, and it's another cover with a flying carpet and a genie! What are the odds? Plus it's a Wonder Tot cover!


Issue 140 here, and let's look at this closely... first of all, you know this is an "impossible story" because Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, and Wonder Tot are all there at the same time (because, you know, they're all Diana at different ages). Then there's Wonder Woman herself becoming a human lightning bolt! Stay away from any police labs, Diana, you might cause an origin!


Issue 150... yes, that's Mer-Boy and Bird-Boy, Wonder Girl's teenage boyfriends.

And yes, that's a gigantic phantom fisher-bird.


Issue 160 promises "The Weird Side of Wonder Woman" -- we haven't seen that already?!?


Can you believe issue 170's cover only promises Wonder Woman's going to be turned into a gorilla... and didn't SHOW it???


Yes, issue 180 brings us an all-new, all-different Wonder Woman... As you may have noticed, DC never could seem to get a handle on a concept for Wonder Woman that would last...


I have no idea what's up with Diana's clothing on the cover of issue 190, either.


And issue 200's cover... well, it looks like it could just as easily have been a "House of Secrets" or "House of Mystery" cover, couldn't it?


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