Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Castle of Frankenstein #25 Part 7!

This time around, we're looking at the article on The Night Stalker!


The article starts with this title page on page 43!


Page 44 talks about how the TV series "The Night Stalker" has been surviving, but I suspect that the writer as well as the people quoted in the article are a bit too optimistic about the show's future at that point!

Page 45 starts an interview with Barry Atwater, the star of the original Night Stalker movie that led to the tv series!


Kind of a light article, but then, the guy was being interviewed about a tv movie he'd made a few years before!

Next time around... Star Gazing!



  1. well.. the TV movie did lead to the Series but it was more the Second film that did, The Night Strangler. Sorry.. i think am knickpicking ^_^

  2. You may be nitpicking, but I could argue that the first movie had to exist in order for the second movie to be made, etc, etc.... but I won't. :)

  3. ah ^_^ while true most of the time, there are the rare times when that doesn't happen.. but that isn't much. am sure i read about a series that they wanted as a tv show, were able to film a few episodes, but then there were problems so they made a TV movie which then allowed them to make more episodes.. something very confusing ^_^ but yeah.. like with most nitpicking, it can be done even to the nitpick itself ^_^

  4. Well, as with pretty much all 1970s TV shows and pilots, anything could happen and for any reason, eh?

  5. I have been enjoying catching up on the Night Stalker series by the DVD set. I'm spreading it out to last awhile, in between episodes of the first season of The Invaders and seasons 1 and 2 of Kung Fu.

    I feel like a kid again!

  6. Fred, I've a feeling I'd envy your entire DVD collection!

  7. IIRC, Darren McGavin was very, very bitter about this series.


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