Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cool Stuff: Battlestar Galactica Collectibles!

Time to look at some cool stuff produced when Battlestar Galactica was on the air! A lot of Mattel stuff to look at...


Like this Mint on Card Commander Adama figure!


Man, I'd love to get a copy of this book... apparently there were a couple of different Galactica activity books!


Here's an interesting set of "holographic" Galactica belt buckles!



Cylon costume! I'll bet the mask didn't have a red eye that moved back and forth, though.


Mint on Card Cylon! These were also sold in a gold variation.


Mint in Box Cylon Raider! Unfortunately, they didn't do any vehicles in scale with the action figures...


Mint on Card Daggit! I used to have one of these, but the Daggit I wanted was the plush one...

Here's some loose Galactica toy lots...





I think I wrote a long time back that I think one of the failings of the toy line was that so little of it was of the same scale, limiting playability! I'd bet that if you could buy a Viper for your Starbuck or Apollo figures, instead of the mini version, they would've sold better... but then, with the series only lasting one season, the line was doomed anyway...


Battlestar Galatica board game!


Here's a Galactica ID kit, one of the kind of cheap and cheesy items that, these days, would be found at a dollar store!


Here's another of those Galactica activity books!


Mint on Card Imperius Leader, whom we never saw that well on the show!


Galactica Party Masks - Colonial Pilot...


Cylon Centurion!


Battlestar Galactica Puzzle!


Colonial Scarab toy... based on nothing that ever appeared on the show!


Galactica Soundtrack album!


Mint on Card Starbuck!


Stellar Probe! This, like the Scarab, was designed so that you could combine pieces from other vehicles to make new vehicles... not sure why they thought that was appealing for this toy line!


Ah, there's that plush Daggit! One of the few Galactica toys I really wanted.


Galactica Stungun (which looked nothing like the ones on the show) and storybook!


Galactica tablecover!


And with this Viper Launch station, we wrap up this installment of Cool Stuff with Galactica merchandise!

Next time around, we'll start looking at some Hanna-Barbera stuff!



  1. Anonymous8:22 AM

    ohh.. well.. first, isn't that a bad image to use for Adama? looks like he is half way though talking.

    Also.. I GOT THAT BOARD GAME! ^_^ At last i can say that! I picked it up at a boot sale for about 50p (erm.. something like just under a dollar USD) about... 12 years back i think. i know just were abouts it is (which is odd.. most of my stuff is 'somewhere in my room' which can mean it can take up to a year to find.)

  2. I have a BG poster magazine that I'm open to selling. I wonder how much it would be worth? Just thinking out loud here...

  3. I used to have the Cylon Raider before it was "re-designed" and made safer! Plus The Daggit and Cylon action figures!

    There is some cool stuff pictured that I never knew about!

  4. Manic Man - Cool deal! I don't have any of the Galactica stuff I bought when the series came out... heck, I don't have any Galactica stuff period!

    Fred - Best way to find out what it would be worth would be to search eBay listings for BG posters! My searches don't typically include posters.

    Chunky B - Glad iI could be of service and show you stuff you never knew existed! One of the cool things about collecting photos for this blog is discovering things I never knew about before!

  5. I went through a real BSG phase a while back, it seems to have it's course but I am left with a few really nice carded figures.

  6. Plaidstallions - I think all collectors have at least one phase they go through, collecting one particular type of thing, and then either burn out on it, or just lose interest... I was collecting the Hanna-Barbera and Warner Bros. beanie baby-type things from the WBSS when they were open -- these days I've only got Frankenstein, Jr. left!

  7. Anonymous4:22 PM

    soooo who's got the plush daggit you pictured and do they want to sell it??? I'm definately a daggit geek! ( & - Daggit Girl

  8. That stuffed daggit was, no doubt, sold a year ago... best place to find 'em, as always, is eBay! Although when checking just now, none of the plush ones are being offered.


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