Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cool Stuff: More Super Powers!

Time to look at more Super Powers merchandise!


And we start with these puffy stickers, which I wish you could see better, but that's as large as the photo is!


Here's a nice Super Powers throw, which I think I bid on, but got outbid on very quickly!


These Super Powers cups with figural handles were Burger King items. I used to have a few of them!

Hmmm... well, I thought I had more Super Powers items in the current group than that! Oh, well, let's just fill in this installment with more DC items then,s hall we?


I forget which country these DC stamps were made in, but they look pretty cool!


Oh, did I not mention they're rubber stamps?


Interesting that this package of stick-ons was called "Super Friend Stick-Ons"... most of the items with "Super Friends" on it used the logo!


Here's a few looks at the Supercase, which I believe I featured a while ago as part of a Heroes World post!



Here's a model sheet... or rather, a bunch of model sheets... from the Super Friends, based on Alex Toth's designs!


Produced around the same time as Captain Action, also by Idea, here's the Batgirl and Supergirl Super Queens!


This DC Superheroes wallpaper seems to show up about every three or four months, but always only one sheet at a time!

And let's finish this off with a few Wonder Woman items, okay?


Not sure when this Wonder Woman mirror was made... obviously around the mid 80s!


This Wonder Woman nightlight is much newer than most of the stuff I post photos of, but it's pretty cool!

More DC Superheroes items next time!


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