Friday, August 22, 2008

Give-A-Show Fridays: Brothers Who Invented the Airplane and Mountains of Flaming Rock!



Next week: We wrap up the 1962 Kenner Adventure Time Give-A-Show Projector set!



  1. of course, the wright Brothers didn't invent an airplane, nor did they have the first flight or anything, but let's not flatten American history ^_^ (and NO, it wasn't DiVinic either.. there were around long before him)

  2. OK, Manic Man -- Who did invent the airplane and have the first flight?

  3. Now that's the rub.
    there is alot of debate over what is really what. For example, a manned kite glide was done in 559 CE, there was a Self-propelled flying deviced based on a the model of a bird by Archytas which would be between 428 and 347 BC. I think the first things more called an Airplane and not a balloon or glider (other then the some of the not quite known reports for Archytas) was by an englishman called John Stringfellow in 1848. IT was a Monoplane and appears to be basicly, a toy plane. The First manned Take off was Felix Du Temple De la Croix, in France 1874.

    It is offically started (at any rate) the the Wright brothers in 1902 only really invented the three-axis control system. and there plane was in fact a Glider in which case, the first glider i think was about 1631 in by a Turk.. but i can't remember his name.. i'll need to check ^_^;

    either way, it's very intresting to read up on.


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