Monday, August 11, 2008

Monster Mondays! All Dracula/Vampire Edition!

This Monster Mondays starts out with something that's pretty cool, but also pretty creepy, too!


I don't think that I would've ever considered the concept of a Dracula ventriloquist dummy, but here it is!


Next up, a Dracula Flicker ring (or Vari-Vue, as I think one manufacturer branded it).


I really wish the seller of this 1978 Funstuf Dracula figure had taken it out of the box to photograph, because it does look cool!


Next, it's a completed Dracula paint-by-numbers picture, and it looks to me like the painter did a great job of it!


Still with the Dracula stuff, here's the Dracula Scarecycle, which seems to be Ideal's last gasp attempt to reuse the Evel Knievel gyro cycle technology! There'll be a few more of the ScareCycles coming up in future Monster Mondays.

Here's a few Dracula stills for you to glom:





I have no idea when this plush Talking Dracula toy was made... I just know that if I had it here, and my dogs saw it and heard it talk, they would destroy it in no time at all.


I'm pretty sure that the other side of this wallet featured the Mummy, and you'll see that side in the near future!

You say that's not enough Dracula stuff for one week? Well, here's more!


A nice still here from Dracula A.D. 1972...


And a vintage Dracula button -- I never quite noticed before two things about this... 1) The length of the fangs, and 2) The resemblance Dracula has here to Richard M. Nixon!


Here's a pressbook for Dracula Has Risen From the Grave!


And here's the Spanish poster for the same movie. Note the obviously altered fangs on this poster!

And that'll do it for this week's Monster Monday! Next week, we'll have at least one 8mm monster movie box, and... would you believe, the return of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?



  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    is it just me or does it looke like someone has traced over the art from the wallet to make the badge? adding some detail changes which don't look quite right (like the fangs and nails) Some other changes so it might be a copy more then trace but still...

  2. I think the fangs are there in the original... but it could very well have been a new piece of art created based on the other one. I know that particular Dracula artwork's been used for a lot of different products.


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