Thursday, August 21, 2008

Welcome to the Newest Random Blogs of Geekery!

I hope you regular readers check the blogroll on the left side of this blog, because there's a lot of great blogs out there that I read daily, and I hope you do, too!

Recently added to the list are:

Big Glee! The Albert Bryan Bigley Archives - this is artistt Al Bigley's blog. Apparently, Al's been a fan of the Random Acts of Geekery for a while, and he sent me an email the other day alerting me to the blog. We've traded links, natch!

Geek Orthodox - I don't even recall now how I found out about this blog, but it's at least as geeky as this one, perhaps even moreso -- since I don't post stuff relating to D&D here! Good stuff!

Eleclectorama - Another great Geek blog run by one of my readers here! I just finished reading through the entire archives, and there's great stuff to check out there!

Sadly, there are some blogs that seem to be defunct, or nearly so... I won't mention names now, but if there continues to be a lack of updating them, I may have to cast them off the Random Blogs of Geekery.

On a related note -- October is coming, and with it the 2008 Halloween Countdown! You can see a list of blogs that participated in it last year, and if you're planning to do something for it in your own blog, make sure you let me and the other blogs know, so you can be added to the list!

What is the Halloween Countdown? Well, it kind of varies from blog to blog, but basically, you commit to posting something Halloween-themed every day from October 1 to the 31st. For blogs that are mostly monster-related stuff, this usually just means stepping up the posting rate. For the Random Acts of Geekery, naturally, it will be more like Planet of the Apes Month was -- at least one Halloween-related posting every day, plus all the other geeky goodies you've come to expect from me!

ToyRiffic! - Just discovered this blog today, all about cool toys of the past and present!



  1. Thanks for the great new Blog links.

  2. I'm in on this Halloween thing, I thought I was nuts to already be working on October.

  3. Chris - You're welcome! Glad to be of service!

    Plaidstallions - Welcome aboard! I'm no more nuts than you are, I'd bet -- I've been trying to work ahead as much as possible on this blog, pre-scheduling posts and the like, so that I don't have to worry about things like last night's power outage in my neighborhood, or vacation time -- always new stuff here every day! And pre-scheduling lets me prepare cool stuff that takes a while to prepare, too!


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