Friday, September 19, 2008

By the 10's: Blondie, part 1!

Time for another "By the 10's," and once again, I'm picking a title that jumped from one company to another... "Blondie"! Not much to say about these, so I think I'll just present the covers for ya... Oh, yes, there was an earlier Blondie comic, but that one didn't quite strike my fancy for some reason. Here's part one!

Issue 10 - King Comics

Issue 20 - Harvey Comics takes over!

Issue 30

Issue 40

Issue 50

Issue 60

Issue 70

Issue 80

Issue 90 - Blondie's perfume was tested on animals! Shocking!

Issue 100!

Issue 110 - that's awfully yellow snow there!

Issue 120

We'll pick up next time with issue 130 through the end of the run!


  1. i am always ... am not sure the word, when i see comics based on comic strips.. Often wonder how much work the writer/artist did for the comic compared to the strip. Sure, alot of them probbly did have a fair bit but how many assitants started working with them?

  2. Actually, my understanding is that the originators of comic strips adapted to comic books -- at least aside from the original comics that were re-pasted-up comic strips -- never did any of the work on the comics... it was all ghosted in their style by others (some more successfully than others, it must be admitted).

    I've seen, for example, some original art done for Harvey's Joe Palooka and Dick Tracy comic books where the covers were by Joe Simon aping the original artists' styles!

  3. oh.. i am pretty sure some of the beatle Balley covers were Mort's. atlest, he signed his name on them.. am sure for some of the others too.. Probbly didn't do the insides.

  4. Perhaps, perhaps not... it's not as though there's not a history in comics through the 60s of someone other than the person who signed the work actually drawing it... look at how many Batman stories have Bob Kane's signature on 'em!

  5. yeah.. Bob Kane's a complete prat and personally, i doubt he ever drew anything in his life..

  6. Too bad they're not collecting the entire Blondie strip like they are Peanuts and Dennis the Menace.

  7. I'll pay for the complete 75th Annivery Set.. am trying to collect them ones from online sources. All the Blondie strips that were part of it, and all the other strips they guest stared in and ones that related to it.. that was one hell of a cross-over..

  8. Glen, I don't know that I'd buy a Blondie collection... but I'd definitely check it out from the library!

    Manic Man - That was a very cool crossover... I'm not sure it would be financially feasible for them to collect them into a book, but it would be a nice treat, wouldn't it? I know there probably weren't any newspapers that carried all of them!


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