Wednesday, September 10, 2008

By the 10's: Jungle Comics!

OK, I don't believe I've read any of these, so I'll just present the covers, and only m make the occasional comment!

Issue 10

Issue 20 -- Is Kaanga supposed to be trying to stop that leopard? Because he overshot!

Issue 30 - Don't try to resolve in your head how this pose would work out in three dimensions...

Issue 40 - Lots of trouble with leopards and black panthers in Kaanga's jungle... maybe they take offense at all the leopardskin clothing worn by the humans?

Issue 50's cover makes me tempted to make an outrageous pun about the rhino, but I won't...

Issue 60 - I'm not sure how smart it is to fire an arrow into one's enemy when they're holding one's girlfriend over a cliff... unless one is trying to rid oneself of one's girlfriend.

Issue 70 - Man, whoever runs this zoo or arena not only feeds their lions humans, they stack the skulls into nice neat piles when they're finished with 'em!

Issue 80 - more black panther trouble!

Issue 90

Issue 100, with special cover guest-star Rick Baker! Would you believe Bob Burns?
(if you don't get the references, Google those names)

Issue 110 - Kaanga's being pushed off the cover of his own book!

Issue 120 - Something's wrong with that woman's breasts, seriously!

Issue 130

Issue 140

Issue 150 - if I were a comics editor and I was blurbing "Rhino Rampage" on the over, I think I would've included at least one rhino on said cover...

Issue 160 - and Kaanga's nemeses, the leopards and black panthers, are teaming up against him!

I don't know why they bothered... three issues later was the last issue of Jungle!


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  1. well... issue 60: that's one hell of an odd place for an arrow.. right though the neck.. and from the back angle.. it must have done though the spine.. working it out, it must have taken some power to go that far throught there...

    and did you notice how issue 100: his girlfriend stopped wearing her thin two piece and ware more full clothes.. and then since then, she wear clothes that covered alot more of her.. i wonder if something happened to make the change? and it seams on issue 150 that friends of his issue 60 enemy are back! and his girlfriend seams to have slowly turned back into her lack of cloths again.

    and i do wonder if someone called the Jungle Lord, how is always attacked by the animals should think about renaming himself. come to think of it.. Kanga (as a pose to Kaanga) is the name of the female Roo in Winnie the Pooh Bear right? a Jungle Lord with a girls name being attacked by all the animals? boy, no luck some people..


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